How & Where to Sell Farts Online in 2024

The used panty marketplace

People have bought and sold some bizarre and outlandish things online from glow-in-the-dark toilet paper to haunted items and finger chopsticks. But in 2019, one online sale broke the Internet and later transformed the world of NFTs. 

TikTok creator and 90 Day Fiance star Stephanie Matto has mastered selling her fragrant farts to fans and claims to have banked over $200,000 in the process. Aside from being a bizarre way to make a living, the concept may seem too good to be true.

In this article, you’ll learn how this sexy and smelly trend started, how to sell your own farts (if that’s your thing), and get to know a little more about the kinky customers making this business possible.

The Fart Heard (and Smelt) ‘Round the World

Most people try to conceal their farts or politely excuse themselves from the room to pass gas. But not Stephanie Matto. In fact, the adult content creator did the complete opposite by bottling up her farts and selling them to eager fans. What started as a publicity stunt to gain new followers for her influencer business quickly turned into a full-fledged business.

Unfortunately, her success and fame came at a cost. In an effort to keep her fragrant farts coming and the money rolling in, Matto was eating a high-fiber diet of beans, protein shakes, and eggs which caused extreme pain and discomfort. So much so that Matto found herself in the ER! 

This health scare forced Matto to retire from passing gas and switch to a less painful way of making money off her bodily functions – selling farts as NFTs. Matto created a limited supply of these fun and quirky-looking jars – just 5,000 in circulation and minted on the blockchain. Minting one of these NFT fart jars costs 0.05 ETH which is the equivalent of $190. This is about what Matto was charging for her actual farts before she was forced into retirement.

Why Do People Buy Farts?

If you think it seems crazy that someone would spend nearly $200 for a fart in a jar, you’re not alone – a lot of people find it hard to believe. But the more you understand WHY someone would want to own a fart in a jar, the more clear it may become.

Fart Fetishes

Yep, fart fetishes are really a thing. Known as eproctophilia, people with this fetish spend an abnormal amount of time thinking about flatulence and may experience overwhelming sexual urges and fantasies that involve farts. From the sound to the smell and everything in between, plenty of men and women are sexually aroused by farts. In some cases, simply saying or hearing the word “fart” is a turn-on. 

While there’s been little research done on exactly why eproctophilia develops, there are countless theories. One of the most popular beliefs is that the act of farting and the word itself is often considered taboo, only adding to its naughtiness and appeal. Some theorists believe this connection dates back to the person’s childhood when farts were forbidden or viewed as distasteful. Many fetishes stem from an attraction to something forbidden, and this same concept may also apply to farts.

Sensory Overload

Our senses are often the driving force behind most fetishes and sexual desires. From sight and touch to smell and sound, our senses act as a gateway to unlocking much of our sexual arousal and pleasure. It should come as no surprise that both the olfactory and auditory senses play a big role in what makes farts appealing to some people. Self-proclaimed eproctophiles openly admit that the scent and sound of someone farting is a major turn-on.

One fart-lover claims the sound of a fart is what gets him most sexually aroused. “I most enjoy the sound, particularly deep, rumbly, bubbly ones—the farthest from being feminine.” He also stated that the posture a woman takes while passing gas and the facial expressions she makes only intensify the experience, which adds a visual aspect to the experience as well. 

When it comes to selling farts in a jar, buyers are often attracted to the smell of the fart. As humans, our olfactory senses are some of the strongest. So, if there’s something sexually satisfying about the foul smell of a fart, some people will be more than willing to pay hundreds of dollars for a whiff. Some customers even request sellers take a video of themselves farting into the jar before sealing it up and shipping it off. This creates a personalized experience that adds a certain level of intimacy to the experience (more on this below). 

Fascination with the Ass

According to one study, when asked if guys preferred breasts or butts, 60% of participants considered themselves to be “ass men”. This universal fascination with both the male and female, ass play and all things ass-related, may develop into a fascination with farts. Anal play and penetration are becoming increasingly popular among all sexual genders and preferences. With that, comes the increased use of anal toys, enemas, douche, and other toys and supplies to enhance the experience for both partners. As if you didn’t already know, farts come from the ass, so some people that love full, round buttocks, may also enjoy an occasional toot. And that doesn’t mean smelling the fart or even having someone fart on them. Plenty of guys report increased pleasure and a more intense orgasm when their partner farts while they’re inside them – both during vaginal and anal intercourse. 

Feeling Connected to the Farter

With the rise of cam models, live streaming, and subscription sites like OnlyFans, interactive porn or fetish exploration is becoming increasingly popular and in demand. Online buyers want more than just a random porn clip. They want an entire experience – and the more personal, the better.

This same theory applies when selling farts in a jar. For many buyers, not just any fart will do. They want to smell and experience the fart of someone they feel a personal connection or attraction to. This may be one reason Matto’s farts sold for top dollar. Because of who she was, people couldn’t get enough of her fragrant flatulence. Similar to buying used panties and other used or scented items, buying farts in a jar can be an intimate experience for some people as they feel connected to the farter on a personal level. 

Farts are Funny

Not all farts being sold online are for sexual pleasure. Websites like advertise sending a foul-smelling fart to someone as a gag gift – literally! Whether you’re playing a prank on a friend or family member or want to show your old boss or ex how you really feel about them, some people send farts to offend instead of arouse. This company lets you personalize the experience too by choosing a specific scent and adding a not-so-sweet message to your package. If you want to independently sell farts in a jar, you can take this angle too and help your clients seek revenge on that jerk from high school or cheating ex-boyfriend.

How to Sell Farts in a Jar

Knowing WHY people buy farts in a jar is only half the equation. If you want to be successful in this taboo and unconventional career, you need a few tips on how it’s done and how to attract interested buyers. Here are a few pieces of advice to get you started and tips for executing your plan.

Finding the Right Jar

When it comes to selling farts in a jar, the tighter the seal, the better. A jar with a tight seal helps preserve the scent and enhance the experience once the buyer finally removes the lid and takes a big whiff. Mason jars are often the most popular choice thanks to their aesthetic appeal and storage capabilities. Most foods are canned and jarred in Mason jars because they have a powerful seal that preserves the contents for an extended period of time. In this case, you’re simply jarring a juicy fart instead of, perhaps, a sweet jam or tangy relish. Mason jars also hold up well during shipping and guarantee that your fart reaches the buyer as pungent and foul as the day you expelled it from your body.

Harnessing Your Inner Gas

The average person farts between 13 and 21 times per day. That’s a lot of jars and a lot of money! Except not everyone can just sit around and wait for their tummy to rumble before grabbing a jar to capture their flatulence. Most people selling fart jars have full-time day jobs that don’t involve passing gas. Instead, they expel and jar their farts as a side hustle. If you’re filming your farts, you need to time the entire experience down to the second. This takes plenty of preparation, which is one reason you’ll need to up your fiber intake and increase the number of farts you produce.

It’s important to tread carefully, though. If Matto taught us anything about jarring farts, it can be dangerous business. Increasing your fiber intake TOO much or incorporating too many gas-inducing foods in your diet could land you in the ER and broke if you have to forfeit your business. So, aim to increase your daily fart count without compromising your health. 

Practice the Art of Farting

Eating gas-inducing foods isn’t the only way to increase how flatulent you are on any given day. You can also practice the art of farting. Similar to swallowing large quantities of air to trigger a belch, there are techniques for making yourself toot

Start by clenching your butt cheeks and stomach muscles and then releasing them in an effort to let air in and out of your bottom. If you’re having difficulty getting started, lie down on your back and pull your legs up toward your head. Relax your rectum as much as possible as you slowly let air seep into your bum. Hold it in as long as possible until you feel bloated. Before you long, you should feel a fart building in your belly and ready to explode! Grab a nearby jar and secure yourself a payday! 

Bottling and Shipping

If you’ve ever sold fragile or perishable goods online, you know that time is of the essence. And so is the type of packaging material you use. When selling any type of fragrant item from farts to panties and beyond, preserving the smell is an essential part of your business. Your customers are paying for both the intimate experience and the olfactory satisfaction they get from sniffing your bodily excretions. 

Secure yourself with satisfied and repeat customers by creating an efficient bottling and shipping process for your farts. Several successful sellers suggest you bottle your farts immediately, tightly sealing them and storing them at room temperature for no more than 24 hours. The sooner you can package and ship them, the better. A traditional shipping box will work but be sure to package your jar with bubble wrap or another cushioning material to avoid breakage. You should also invest in expedited or overnight shipping. Again, the faster the product arrives to the customer, the more fresh and pungent the smell will be and the more satisfied the buyer will be. 

You can also add a personal token like a pair of underwear or a personalized note. Just be sure that whatever you add inside the shipping box doesn’t taint or take away from the fragrance of your fart. 

Advertising Your Products and Services

Now you know how to sell farts in a jar, the main question that remains is, where on earth can you even sell your scent. It’s quite hard to come across a platform that allows let alone encourages users to sell their farts. Fortunately, sites like Whiffr, a marketplace for jarred scents, have been designed for this very need. On this platform, you can sell jars of your flatulence as well as sell galleries of naughty videos that show the behind-the-scenes of how the sausage is made.

The best way to promote yourself is on social media. With billions of active users around the world, you’re sure to stumble upon a few fart lovers, fetishists, and straight-up kinksters that want your toots all to themselves. If you’re hesitant about advertising your services, do so under an alias and create social media accounts dedicated specifically to your fart-in-a-jar business. Post a variety of content on these pages from stories and reels to photos and even live streams. Interact with your followers by responding to comments, posting polls, and turning on your notifications. You can also start an OnlyFans page for your fart-in-a-jar business. While it may take time for you to build up a following, as with any online venture, with enough patience and consistency, you can make a pretty penny off a natural bodily function that would otherwise go to waste. 

Stay Relevant in the World of Fart Fetishes 

The more you know about the business of farts in a jar, the more successful you’ll be. What started out as a publicity stunt for Matto quickly turned into a medical nightmare, causing her to switch gears and start selling fart in a jar NFTs, instead. If the idea of farting in a jar is a bit too extreme for you, perhaps creating NFTs might better suit your personality. If you decide to go all the way with your endeavor you should remain relevant in the fart fetish community by doing plenty of research. Find out what types of scents people are shopping for and how other sellers are pricing their goods. Some buyers want a video or photo of you farting into their personalized jar. Be open to accepting custom orders. At the end of the day, you’re not just filling fart jars – you’re fulfilling fantasies.

Other FAQs About Selling Farts in a Jar

Do you still have questions about this unconventional business venture? Check out these frequently asked questions and see if they put your worry to rest.

How much can you charge for a fart in a jar?

You’re probably still wondering, “How much money can I really make from selling my farts in a jar?”. While there’s no standard answer, well-known sellers like Matto claim to have made as much as $1,000 for a single sale! This, of course, has more to do with who she is than the fragrance of her farts. The more famous, popular, and influential the seller, the more people are willing to pay for a piece of them – even if it is just a smelly fart in a jar.

But if you’re not a famous TikTok star or social media influencer, you can expect to sell your farts for around $30 to $50 on average. This covers the cost of the jar, shipping, and your time, plus a little added income for your troubles. Other entrepreneurs like Joyce Miller – author turned fart-seller – turned her fart-selling endeavors into a million-dollar business. When it comes to making money selling farts in a jar, it’s more about branding yourself, finding the right audience, and working hard than the price tag itself. 

What is an NFT fart jar?

The world of NFTs is a fascinating yet mildly confusing place where people are making money selling the rights to digital images. Celebrities and entrepreneurs alike are dropping millions of dollars on these digital collectibles. When fart-seller Matto switched from selling her actual farts in a jar to selling fart NFTs, a new realm of possibilities opened up to the fetish community. 

Matto’s fart NFTs are colorful, cartoon-like images that depict different types and strengths of farts – some are adorable while others are foul. While there’s no saying how much a digital fart NFT would actually sell for because Matto produced a limited supply, the adult-content star is still collecting close to $200 per image. Whether or not a newcomer to the business could fetch this price is still unknown but if you’re a talented artist with a creative eye and plenty of tenacity, this may be a different, less taboo way to make money selling farts in a jar. 

Is selling farts in a jar unhealthy?

While some may argue that jarring, sealing, shipping, and inhaling someone else's flatulence is unsanitary, there’s no evidence to support these claims. Despite popular belief that farts contain traces of fecal matter, the truth is, they’re just gas, not poop. But, it’s still important to note that farts do contain certain levels of bacteria, but studies suggest it's the same type of healthy bacteria found in your favorite yogurt. 

So, regardless of whether or not you fart into a jar while clothed (clothing can act as a barrier for this bacteria) or while completely nude, you’re still not transferring fecal matter or harmful bacteria to the jar or to the recipient. So, while some people may find farts in a jar disturbing or even borderline offensive, there’s no proof to suggest that the practice is unsafe or even unsanitary.

The Dirty Business of Selling Farts in a Jar

From selling used panties and socks to feet pics, it’s more common than ever for people to capitalize on the expanding world of taboo fetishes and kinks. And it was only a matter of time before farts became part of the equation. Made famous by a single television and TikTok star, the world of selling farts in a jar has come a long way and, yes, people are still looking to buy these fragrant gems. So, if you’re able and willing to capture and seal your toots for cash, you could make money performing this unconventional and arousing act.

Are you still unsure that you have the stomach for selling farts in a jar? (Pun intended.) Check out the rest of our blog for plenty of sexy ideas and inspiration for non-traditional and explicit ways of making money, like writing erotica or becoming a stripper.