Fansly vs OnlyFans: Which Platform is Right for You?

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OnlyFans took the digital world by storm in 2016, putting control in the hands of adult content creators around the world. Although OnlyFans isn’t only for NSFW content, that’s what the platform has become notorious for. It’s also how most OnlyFans creators make a living. 

After witnessing the overwhelming success of OnlyFans, countless other entrepreneurs decided to launch their own subscription-based websites to allow creative minds to expand their horizons and customer base. One such site was Fansly, which launched in September 2017. In August 2021 when OnlyFans flirted with the idea of banning adult content altogether, Fansly saw a huge surge in members and popularity.

Today, the battle of Fansly vs OnlyFans is real and we’re here to share all the dirty details! In this article, you’ll learn a little more about how both platforms work, what makes one better than the other, and ultimately, which NSFW subscription website reigns supreme.

Fansly vs. OnlyFans – The Basics

The easiest way to compare these two sites is to look at what they offer side by side. Here’s a breakdown of the major differences and similarities between Fansly and OnlyFans including their best features, commission fees, and subscription rates.


  • Fansly – Founded in late 2017 in an effort to replace or overtake OnlyFans
  • OnlyFans – Founded 
  • in mid-2016 as an alternative way for adult content creators to earn money and control their success


  • Fansly – 2 million content creators and over 130 million subscribers
  • OnlyFans – 1.2 million content creators and over 170 million subscribers 

Best Features for Creators

  • Fansly – Creators can set higher monthly subscription fees which means more earning potential. Creators can receive tips for a job well done. The opportunity to interact with subscribers via polls, quizzes, and stories. Earn money by referring new creators via your own personal link.
  • OnlyFans – OnlyFans is by far the most popular subscription-based website out there right now. If you create an account, people will find it. Creators can sell physical and personal items to their fans including panties, lingerie, and more. OnlyFans “suggests” your profile to new members, helping you get discovered by random users. When you refer someone and they become a new creator, your referral bonus reduces your fees and offers more opportunities to earn money. 

Subscription Tiers

  • Fansly – A free teaser option to get fans hooked. A one-time payment that allows fans to contact creators via direct messenger starts at $5. Recurring monthly subscriptions range from $5 all the way up to $499.99.
  • OnlyFans – A free teaser option to drum up interest in your page. A one-time payment that enables messaging and interaction with fans starts at $5. Recurring monthly subscription fees start at $3 and max out at $49.99 per month.

Commission Fees

  • Fansly – The platform keeps 20% of all payments with creators receiving 80%. Creators receive a 1% commission from all new creators they refer. Creators receive a 5% commission on all new models they refer to the platform for one year. After the year is up, creators receive a 1.5% commission on all referred models for life. 
  • OnlyFans – Creators keep 80% of their earnings and the platform keeps 20%. Creators that are referred to the platform only keep 75% of their earnings up to $1 million. Creators that refer new models to OnlyFans receive a 5% commission for up to a year. 

Payout Options

  • Fansly – Creators receive their payments within 3 days of making a request. The minimum request of $100 was recently lowered to $20.
  • OnlyFans – Creators receive their payments within 3 days and the minimum withdrawal is only $20. 

Payment Methods 

  • Fansly – Creators are paid via bank transfer, Skrill, or Paxum in the US. Subscribers can pay with a credit card or debit card. Other options include Apple pay, Google Wallet, Amazon, and PayPal. Fansly requires all creators to link a PayPal account before getting started.
  • OnlyFans – Creators are paid via bank transfer in the US. All subscribers pay using a credit card or debit card. 

Who Does It Benefit Most?

  • Fansly – Content creators that already have a following on other platforms and are looking to increase their earning potential and gain more subscribers. Most creators use Fansly as a backup plan for other ongoing projects. Fansly is dedicated to NSFW content only. 
  • OnlyFans – Adult and NSFW content creators just starting out in the biz and are looking to post nude pics and softcore porn. OnlyFans also offers opportunities for non-adult content creators focused on things like fitness, food, health and beauty, and fashion. 

Social Media Integration 

  • Fansly – Twitter, Twitch, and in-house traffic data.
  • OnlyFans – Twitter, Google Analytics, and in-house traffic statistics.

Security and Safety

  • Fansly – Location blockers to protect your identity. Creators can add watermarks to their photos to prevent theft. You can remain anonymous but have to provide a valid ID and link your PayPal account to register. Creators don’t have to show their faces or use their real names to make money on the platform.
  • OnlyFans – Creators can add watermarks to their photos and videos. Creators need to provide banking and other payment information when registering but can use an alias when posting their content. OnlyFans also offers location blockers.

The Pros and Cons of Fansly vs. OnlyFans

When it comes to user experience and opportunities for creators, both subscription-based platforms have their pros and cons. Let’s see how these two websites stack up against one another when it comes to important features and potential.

Ease of Use

Fansly and OnlyFans are dead even when it comes to ease of use for both content creators and subscribers. Unfortunately, this isn’t exactly a good thing since both platforms could use some work. 

When it comes to the user experience, both sites are very similar and make it difficult to search for and find specific creators or models. One reason is that most members use social media to promote their pages, directing fans to their OnlyFans or Fansly pages using a link. For that reason, it can be nearly impossible to find who you’re looking for directly through the main platform. For creators, this means the chances of a new fan simply stumbling across your page are pretty slim, which is why social promotion is key to succeeding on these types of subscription sites.

Most creators on both websites agree that the interface is easy to use and lets you upload photos and videos quickly. You also have the ability to chat with fans to increase your earning potential.

Making Money

Speaking of earning potential, this is what most people want to know when comparing Fansly vs. OnlyFans – how easy is it to make money? The payment structure on both platforms is pretty similar. Users pay a monthly subscription fee for access to their favorite creator’s exclusive content. The more paying subscribers you have, the more money you can make.

The biggest difference is that Fansly lets creators set their subscription fees as high as $499.99 per month, whereas OnlyFans caps these fees at just $49.99. That’s a huge difference! However, getting multiple people to pay almost $500 to access your Fansly account is rare, to say the least. Fansly also has a tiered system that lets creators charge a lower fee for some private content and higher fees for more exclusive items like longer videos or photo collections.

Both platforms allow users to contact creators via private messages and offer a direct or one-time payment. You can also receive tips from satisfied customers on both Fansly and OnlyFans. 

Both websites are discussing options for expanding earning potential by letting creators sell personal items or access to their private social media feeds, but many of these options are still in the works. OnlyFans, however, did launch a store in late 2022 where creators can sell digital and physical merchandise to fans including apparel (hats, hoodies, T-shirts, etc.), calendars, backpacks, and puzzles. 

How Much You Can Make

Knowing how to make money on Fansly vs OnlyFans is only part of the equation. If you’re going to invest your time and efforts into one site over the other, you probably want to know how much you stand to make. From subscription rates to tips, commission fees, and referrals, you’ll need to do a little math to figure this one out. 

Both Fansly and OnlyFans support their creator's ability to make money but also want their cut. Both platforms keep a 20% commission on all your subscription fees, leaving you with 80%. This same split applies to any tips or direct payments you receive. 

Because Fansly and OnlyFans offer a pretty level playing field in terms of earning potential, when it comes to actual figures, your income is based solely on how many subscribers you have, how much you charge, and how much effort you put in. Creators on either platform that are constantly posting fresh, new content, interacting with fans, and promoting themselves on social media will no doubt earn more than creators who manage their Fansly and OnlyFans accounts as a part-time hobby.

OnlyFans has a slight advantage over Fansly only because it’s the more popular platform. After all, OnlyFans is the OG of NSFW subscription websites. It’s basically a household name! When you mention OnlyFans on your other social media accounts, followers will instantly recognize the name, whereas Fansly is still gaining traction and popularity. While you can explain to people what Fansly is and they can research it on their own, the harder they have to work for it, the less likely they are to follow through and subscribe.

To give you a ballpark figure, the average income of both OnlyFans and Fansly creators hovers right around $180 per month. When it comes to getting paid, Fansly has a slight edge over OnlyFans. Both platforms let you request a minimum of $20 and take about 3 days to complete the transfer, however, money for creators on Fansly is available as soon as 7 days after a payment is made, whereas OnlyFans creators have to wait 21 days for the website to unlock their income. 


As mentioned above, the basic features of both sites are the same. Creators can protect their exclusive content using watermarks and conceal their identity thanks to the geo blocking features on both Fansly and OnlyFans. Both websites also have dedicated subreddits as well that make it easier for interested users and subscribers to browse and find creators. One thing to note is that OnlyFans’ subreddit is much larger with about 5 times as many members as Fansly. Aside from this, though, OnlyFans doesn’t offer anything notably unique and relies primarily on its popularity to sustain its success. 

With that being said, there are a few more slight differences to consider when deciding which platform best fits your long-term goals. One of Fansly’s most popular features is the ability to have free followers. This means you can post limited free content for users to view without paying for a subscription. The benefit of this is that most free users quickly convert into paying customers after getting a taste of what you have to offer. 

Fansly also lets creators design custom emojis and add them to their photos. Now, you can cover up certain parts of your picture when posting content for free viewers, enticing them even more to subscribe and gain access to the sexy, unedited version.

Client Support 

If you’re new to the game of posting on subscription platforms like OnlyFans and Fansly, you may need some assistance from time to time. Both websites offer support services to help get you started and maximize your time spent on the platform. 

OnlyFans takes pride in its support network and claims to be readily available to help support community members. On the other hand, Fansly’s support services are mostly tied to their email, although other useful information can be found on the site’s FAQs page. With that being said, Fansly actually may have the upper hand in this category. 

As much as the sheer size and popularity of the OnlyFans platform is a benefit, it’s also a detriment in this case. Due to its insane popularity, OnlyFans can’t always keep up with its growing customer base and their endless questions and concerns. Despite their promises to respond in a timely fashion, you may be left waiting as long as a week to get a response. 

Fansly suffers from the same problem (to an extent) but for different reasons. The customer support side of Fansly is still trying to catch up to the platform’s growing popularity. One good thing is that their social media support services are pretty on top of things. Instead of asking your question on their support account, try posting to their main account. Most comments posted here receive a quick response. 

is also very transparent about their shortcomings and is the first to admit that the website is a work in progress. But, they still get an A for effort and are constantly striving to perform. OnlyFans is nothing to sneeze at either, but definitely rides on the coattails of its initial success and wildly popular brand name.

Fansly vs OnlyFans: Who Wins?

As you probably guessed, there’s no clear cut winner in the battle of Fansly vs OnlyFans. Both platforms have their pros and cons but share a fairly similar structure. Both websites let you set your subscription rates, although the ceiling is much higher on Fansly than on OnlyFans. Because of its popularity alone, OnlyFans draws more attention and, therefore, the potential for more subscribers. However, bigger isn’t always better. With so many creators on OnlyFans, it could be difficult to make a name for yourself. And if you need help from customer support, you may be waiting a while.

At the end of the day, OnlyFans is a household name that relies heavily on its popularity to lead the way, whereas Fansly is an eager newcomer working hard to make a name for itself in the world of subscription-based websites. Both platforms offer plenty of opportunities for creative minds to make a little extra money on the side.

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