Everything You Need to Know About Cam Modeling

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We’ve talked all about cam sex on Sofia Gray, multiple times before (click here or here for our other articles on this topic) - but I want this to be your sneak peek into what it’s really like to have cam sex with total strangers online. 

So, let’s start with the most obvious question...

Why Would I Want to Be a Cam Model?

What is the appeal of becoming a cam model? Whether it’s something you try once, twice or a regular sexy side hustle, there are tons of reasons why this is fun, alluring, and exciting.

It’s hot. 
Let’s start off with the obvious: it’s sexy AF. Being a cam model, stripping, teasing, masturbating live for the pleasure of your audience...there comes this rush of adrenaline and excitement and (of course) pleasure. It’s really sexy and empowering. 

It’s fun.
Another big plus of having cam sex with a stranger is that it’s (fairly risk-free) fun. You don’t know this person, you’re not physically touching, but you’re still interacting, having fun, and getting off. 

It’s like the best, friskiest first date you ever had but you don’t have to sit through an hour of dinner-talk before you heat things up, and to end the date all you have to do is turn off your laptop. 

You can make (great) money. 
Some weeks can bring in as much as $4000, other weeks bring in $400. “It comes in waves,” this 23-year-old cam-model explains to Refinery 29

Another article in Vice introduces a few rates, most of which fall anywhere from $1000 - $6000 per month. Of course, how much you make depends on how much you work during a single pay period, amongst other things like how much you charge for tipping on your platform, etc - but regardless of how much you make, this can be a great way to earn an income. 

It can be anonymous. 
One of the best parts of interactive online porn is that it can be anonymous. Of course, you show yourself, but you could decide how much of yourself you show, aiming the camera away from your face. 

If you feel comfortable showing your face but don’t want anyone IRL to know what you do to bring in some extra cash, that’s totally fine - create an online persona! 

It can be a way to experiment with kinks. 
One of the biggest draws for me, and why I loved my oh-so-brief sexcapade in cam work was because it let me experience different kinks and explore my own sexuality in a way that was empowering, erotic and really comfortable. 

My cam sex experience was a little different, as it was always with the same person after our initial meeting, but throughout the 6 months we cammed, I learned more in that time about myself, about sex, about desire than I had in the 5 years of sexual activity before. 

You can read all about my story here.

It can help you become more comfortable with your sexuality. 
Along with experimentation comes comfort. Being comfortable in your own skin, in the things that turn you on, in the way you move, the way you masturbate, the way you feel pleasure - all of these things become easier when you do them on a regular basis (and in front of strangers). 

You start to live more freely with the things you like and who you are as a sexual being. 

You feel more confident.
And along with comfort comes confidence. As I said, you start to feel more comfortable in your own skin, in what makes you horny, in how you feel pleasure - and all of that leads to feeling confident about your sexuality. 

Not only can masturbation increase body-confidence (see proof here), but masturbating online to people who find you to be nothing short of a goddess...well, that’s just icing on the cake.

Cuckoldry online. 
Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean the camming fun has to stop. Maybe you and your lover are into cuckoldry, the act of one partner watching another partner engaged in sexual acts with other people. 

Well...no need to take things IRL and find your third, you can do it online! Having your partner watch your stream in another room, knowing you’re in the bedroom you share, stripping and pleasuring yourself for other men on the internet...it’s wild hot.

A threesome (sort of). 
Another way to incorporate your current romantic partner into your cam sex adventures would be to invite them as a “guest” during one of your shows. Tippers can have them do various things to you for certain amounts of money...what an adventure.

What Are the Best Sites for Camming?

There are tons of different platforms you can use for camming - some are designed for it, some are simply social media platforms that are cam-worker friendly. 

Consider this your ultimate list of cam-friendly sites for 2020. 

OnlyFans is truly a one-of-a-kind platform. OnlyFans is a social media platform where influencers are free to post whatever kind of content they like, from softcore to xxx-rated. 

How it works: 

  • Anyone can sign up for OnlyFans, and it integrates with Twitter, which, if you know anything about #NSFW Twitter, you know that this is a great way to get new fans. 
  • You use OnlyFans as either a subscriber or as an earner. To earn, all you need to do is link a bank account to the app and start uploading content. 
  • This website is so vast, there are anything from fitness bloggers to porn stars who use it. 
  • You request a monthly fee for your subscribers who then have access to the content you post. People who don’t subscribe to you won’t see your content - similar to having a Facebook page that’s set to “private” - they will see limited information, enough to know what your page is about.
  • The monthly rates start from $4.99 per month and you can set any kind of rate you’d like. You receive 80% of the profits, with OnlyFans taking 20% to cover the payment processing, hosting, and other associated costs with running the platform. 
  • People have raved about payment processing, as it’s built right into the app and is extremely user friendly and reliable. 

LiveJasmin has been hosting cam shows for almost 20 years. How crazy is that? This site, which started in 2001, has been up and running 6 years longer than Pornhub, one of the most well-known porn sites out there. This site features thousands of models from around the world. 

How it works: 

  • Users buy “credits” (which can be paid for through Paypal, debit, or credit card) and these credits can then be used to tip the cam models they find on the site. 
  • Performers can chat, strip, perform sex acts and even go into private “shows” if the price is right. This is also one of the only platforms on this list that allows users to stream in HD. 
  • New members sign up for free but can expect to pay around $30 for “credits” after you sign up. Prices for shows where you can spend these credits are set by each individual model, so different rates apply depending on what (and who) you watch.
  • One of the reasons LiveJasmin is most praised is, because of how long it’s been around, the diversity in models is truly astounding. And thanks to the easy-to-use filters on the site, only people who are genuinely interested in the kind of content you are making will come across your profile. 
  • When you sign up, you get quite a lot of credits (through spinning a prize wheel). This is a great tactic to hook in new users. However, the prices of credits fluctuate quite a bit which can make it frustrating. Sometimes $17 off your credit card will get you $30 in LiveJasmin credit, or sometimes it will get you $20. Users find this to be one of the downsides to the site.

ImLive is most well-known for dabbling in what would be considered “amateur” content. Considered a good choice for people who want “authentic” connections with their stars, your subscribers on this platform will be dedicated to you and you will likely see quite a lot of regulars. 

How it works: 

  • This is one of the few sites on this list that has millions of subscribers. The amount of choice on the platform is staggering and you will have no trouble finding people to view (and pay for) your content. New subscribers to the site join for free and receive free video credits to spend. 
  • The site is fairly user friendly, with a drop-down box that allows you to select what you want to see. Categories include things like “girl alone”, “girl with guy”, “girl with girl”, “guy alone”, etc...so you can really easily find what you’re in the mood for.
  • ImLive has actually been given a few awards for the highest quality videos and live cam performances - so that’s something to note. 
  • Your clients can chat with you, request various things (for a price, of course) and even control your webcam (if you allow it). It can truly be an interactive porn experience.

Chaturbate is considered a staple in the world of amateur cam sites - it’s one of the most popular ones around and for good reason. It’s simple to use and ranks quite high when you search for a reliable cam sex platform. 

How it works: 

  • Chaturbate offers a variety of different kinks available on the site and you’ll have no problem finding clientele who are interested in what you have to offer. There is even a “tags” feature, where visitors to the site can browse their interest based on whatever tags you choose to fit your profile. This is a really easy way to ensure you’re getting subscribers who will stick around. 
  • It is a free site, and there are people on it who will work for free, but there are many users out there willing (and wanting) to tip you for your services. As with other sites, there is a “token” system - $10.99 off your client’s credit card will get them 100 tokens which they can use to tip you for your services. 
  • One of the best features of this site is there is no limit to how many people can be in your “room” - meaning you can have an endless amount of viewers and tippers. 

StripChat is famous for its layout and easy-to-navigate features that can help clients find you fast. This site has also been set apart because they offer video features designed for VR experiences, meaning your clients can use VR gear when they join your room, making the whole experience feel way more real. 

Needless to say, this is a huge attraction for cam models who want to really connect with their clients. 

How it works: 

  • Definitely not a platform for those who are interested in free online shows, but the rates are quite typical and affordable, with $9.99 from a credit card getting the user 90 credits to spend on you or other cam models. 
  • It’s also one of the best sites if you’re looking for male cam-models as well. Most sites offer male options but have limited variety - StripChat is one of the ones where the male to female ratio is close to even. 
  • This site also offers HD cams, just like LiveJasmin, and allows users to search for super-specific things (like tattoos, hair color, etc) - so the people who find you will know you’re exactly what they are looking for.
  • Joining this platform is free, but to access everything the site has to offer, your clients will need to sign up for a premium membership, at which time additional things will be unlocked for them. 

Cams.com is one of those cam sites everyone knows about. One of the biggest draw-ins for people interested in starting cam work is that it’s one of the few sites that allow cam models to set their own rates. Most other sites simply allow users to tip or pay for your room, but Cams.com allows each individual model to set their own rates. 

How it works: 

  • New members join for free and prices are set by each individual model, meaning you have total control over how much you charge and earn. 
  • The website itself is easy to navigate, and it’s one of the only sites that has added the use of hashtags, which makes it easier for clients to find you. 
  • Cams.com is counted as one of the better camming websites because they offer the option of private chat rooms where you can connect with your clients one on one and get lost in the experience. 

This website is exactly as it sounds: a place you would go if you’re looking to offer free services. This is good for people who want a one-time rush or something to test the waters of cam modeling without actually signing up and linking a bank account to a platform. 

How it works: 

  • The site is super easy to navigate and users can find you easily through your thumbnail and filters. 
  • Users tend to enjoy this site because there aren’t many limitations such as price ranges, tokens, availability, etc. They simply click your thumbnail and are connected to you. 
  • There is a tipping option, of course - so there is still the possibility of earning an income on this site. The costs of this site are quite lower than other sites due to all the free content that’s available on the site as well, with 10 tokens costing your clients just $0.50. 
  • One of the site's main features is getting into private rooms or even signing in as a “voyeur” of a show, which many people enjoy doing. 
  • One of the downsides to this site is that as of right now, there are really only female cam models active on the platform. While you may find the odd male performer, there are no options for groups or couples, and filtering options aren’t that vast. 

ICams is one of the smaller adult cam sites but it still has a ton to offer, and many cam workers prefer working on a smaller scale, anyways. With only a few thousand models on the platform, you will have no problem finding people interested in your content. 

How it works: 

  • ICams hosts a variety of online experiences from instant messaging to full cam sessions, meaning you can dabble in this or that, depending on what you and your clients want to do. 
  • This site also offers HD videos, but there are some models who prefer the SD resolution for a more authentic feel to their sessions. 
  • Signing up is free for your users but accessing your live streams costs them, and they can also tip you once in your stream. With competitive rates like 100 tokens for $12, your clients will be happy to tip you for your services. 

CamSoda offers a huge model selection and doubles as a dating site, allowing you to really connect with your clients if you wish to take things to another level. 

How it works: 

  • CamSoda does offer HD videos and even offers registered viewers free access to some content. Of course, they can still tip (and likely will)! 
  • CamSoda has been set apart for its unique use of gimmicks like “sexy language lessons”, where you can incorporate the ever-so-sexy “teacher” roleplay into your sessions. 
  • The “model sign up” page is really unique in that it offers you total control over your profile. You can even block certain countries so your content isn’t shown there, which can be a huge draw-in for models looking to be totally anonymous. 
  • Base rate payouts begin at 55% and you can work your way up from there, which is an option many other sites don’t have. 

SlutRoulette is exactly what it sounds like: a randomized platform where your users can connect with you on a whim. 

How it works: 

  • What many people enjoy about this site is that it’s truly random, which sets you up for an adventurous, erotic evening. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind platform.
  • Joining is free but accessing everything the site has to offer means getting a premium membership, which many people do enjoy. 
  • Prices are also set by models, meaning you have total control over how much you earn and when. This can even be set on a case by case/night by night basis, meaning you can offer “sales” or jack up the prices as you see fit. 
  • Another great feature on this site is the ability to host “Gold Shows”, which allow you to set a price and a countdown. If the clients in your room collectively reach the price, you reward them all with something special. If not, it gets returned to them. This kind of “safe” bet (either they get one hell of a show or their money back) is a great way for you to make sure they hit that golden amount. 

XCams is great for models who are bilingual, as this is a majority of the draw-in for users of the site. Users can search for anything: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch...you name it. Talk about a lust for languages

How it works: 

  • Users join the site for free and can access public live chat rooms for free, but they can also access private rooms, phone sex, or any other number of features for a price. They can also tip performers in free rooms. 
  • This platform is also open to couples, meaning you can find a nice duo to play with for the evening. 
  • XCams has been voted the number one platform in Europe with frequent payouts of 45% plus for their users and the process of joining/setting up an account and getting started is really simple. 

Saving the best (paid) for last, MyCams is well-known for giving their users an above-average percentage of their earnings, at 60%. Other perks of using this service include using their super simple and user-friendly website. 

How it works: 

  • New subscribers can join for free and will immediately receive video credits, as with most sites. One of the biggest draw-ins to this site is that it’s extremely personalized, meaning the clients who find you will have been looking for exactly your kind of content. 
  • The search algorithm (what your clients see after they enter the site) allows them to find users who match questions they answered on sign up, which is a really easy way for people who want your content to find you. 
  • With a vast variety of things to choose from (ranging from amateur, big tits, blonde, MILF, etc), your clients will find you for what you offer, meaning you don’t get people who stumble upon your chat and leave when it’s not what they wanted. 
  • This site is also available on mobile, which is a new thing for many chat sites and very handy for your users. 
  • This site also offers “awards” to the top performers.  Your clients can vote for you and spend their money earning you points, which is a fun and unique take on the whole cam-model thing.

Safety Tips for Cyber Sex with Strangers 

Just because you’re alone in your apartment doesn’t mean you don't need to take the necessary precautions, right? 

Learn about geoblocking and why it’s important for camming.
Most sites (such as Chaturbate, for example) do allow you to block off what region of the world you’re uploading or streaming from, which can be important to keep your privacy. However, not all sites do this, so investing in a service that does (such as a VPN) may protect you even more.

Consider protecting your information and location with a VPN. 
VPN stands for “virtual private network”, and it essentially allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the internet. This way, you can “hide” your real location by rerouting your IP address to a network that’s not nearby. VPNs also shield and secure your browsing activity and make it easier for you to enjoy using your internet connection without fear of being hacked. 

Some of the more popular VPNs are: 

Coping with pressure. 
It can be a bit tricky to find the sweet spot between what you want to do and what your clients want. Of course, you’re offering a service, so you need to be open to hearing some feedback, but this is your body, your time, your sexuality and your choice as to how much of yourself you share and when. 

Only provide banking info to trusted websites, not to clients directly. 
Giving out your banking info to clients who want to pay you may seem like a good idea - after all, if you remove the “middle man” (camming platforms), you get more of your money. However, this can expose you to some serious risks and it’s much safer to work through various platforms that are built securely for this purpose. 

Know your rights and protect your content from being duplicated and distributed. 
To protect your content, consider using a service such as CamModelProtection (which works alongside various platforms such as OnlyFans, Chaturbate, CamSoda, Patreon, etc), that can help you take down stolen content of yours that has been spread without your permission. 

This can happen, especially if your content is being streamed and people may be recording their own screens at home to re-upload the video somewhere else later. 

Avoid using your personal email to sign up for camming platforms. 
While this may not seem like a big deal, putting some distance between you and your online cam-model persona can be really beneficial to protecting your privacy, and a big way to do that is to set up a whole other email just for that. You can link a whole other cash app to that email and designate that account for cam-modeling only. 

Be mindful of wishlists and gifts. 
Setting up a PO box to get gifts from your subscribers or adding an Amazon WishList link to your profile so people can give you things is a common influencer move, but if you don’t do this carefully, you could risk exposing information about yourself you’d rather not have out there. 

Make sure any wishlists have your address set as private and that your PO box address cannot be linked to your personal address.