Can You Make Money Selling Used Panties on Mercari?

The used panty marketplace

When it comes to online shopping for gently used items, there’s an app for that. And that app is Mercari. While there are countless other online commerce stores for new and used items like AllThingsWorn, Poshmark, and TheRealReal, Mercari is one of the most popular mobile, community-powered apps. 

The Japanese company has acquired 10 billion transactions since its creation in 2013. Mercari’s unique escrow payment system and inventory of high-end items sets it apart from its competitors. Whether you’ve sold on this platform before or not, you may be wondering if you can make money selling used panties on Mercari. Although the mobile app is founded on selling used items – especially clothing – do used panties count?

Keep reading to find out if you can make money selling used panties on Mercari and tips for making the most of your naughty business venture. 

What is Mercari and How Does It Work

Mercari functions like most other online platforms meant for buying and selling used items. However, Mercari places a lot of emphasis on marketing and selling items you no longer need. From clothes and cosmetics to home decor and electronics, if you’re ready to clean out your closets, Mercari can help you turn potential trash into treasure. Think of it like an online garage sale. 

Signing up on Mercari is easy. Both buyers and sellers have to register by entering their email addresses, and phone numbers, and creating a username. You’ll then be asked to verify your phone number to activate your account. Now, you can browse items for sale using relevant keywords or product categories or list your own items for sale.

Listing Items for Sale 

Selling on Mercari is fairly simple. Once you generate a listing, you’ll be asked to upload high-quality photos that show your item clearly. Mercari suggests using natural light to highlight the item’s color, especially if it’s clothing (or panties). You can add multiple photos to your listing but the first one you post is the one buyers will see, so be sure to put your best foot forward with a high-quality, high-resolution cover photo.

In addition to high-quality photos, Mercari also requires sellers to upload a detailed description that includes the condition of the item, size, category, brand name, and any flaws or imperfections. If you’ve ever sold on Facebook Marketplace, you know the drill. Either list your item as brand new, almost new, never worn/used, or undamaged. Be truthful about the condition of your items since the buyer can dispute or refuse payment if the item doesn’t show up as expected. 

Sometimes, Mercari admins will review your listing and add certain details or descriptions based on industry knowledge and experience. These additions usually help your cause but you have the right to change or edit them before your listing goes live.

Pricing Your Items for Sale 

Lastly, you get to choose the listing price for your item. The best way to determine a reasonable selling price is to search for similar items on Mercari and other commerce stores. See what other items in a similar condition to yours are selling for. You also have to set both a “start price” and a “floor price”. The start price is what potential buyers see. The floor price is hidden but it reflects the lowest possible amount you’ll accept for the item. 

Mercari has another feature called “Smart Offers” which works by automatically accepting an offer or providing a single counteroffer for your listing. You can set the price range for this exchange as well so you never get lower for the item than you want or deserve. This feature works similarly to eBay where buyers place bids on your listing but you conceal your “reserve price”, which is the lowest price you’ll accept. If bids don’t reach this threshold, the item doesn’t sell and you’re back to square one.

Shipping Your Items 

When you sell an item on Mercari, you receive a prepaid shipping label to mail your package to the buyer. Although listing items is free, Mercari keeps a flat 10% commission on all sales, so consider this when setting your prices. It’s important to note that listings that include the shipping fees in the final price sell faster than those that require the buy to cover shipping costs. Mercari works with most major shipping companies including UPS, FedEx, and USPS. Sellers have up to 3 days to package and ship the item before the sale will be canceled and the listing removed. 

Getting Paid for Your Items

Once the buyer receives the item, you’ll be notified. Mercari encourages sellers to drop the buyer a note to make sure they are pleased with the item and to thank them for their business. While this isn’t a requirement, it’s a good way to build a positive reputation on the app and secure future orders. 

Buyers are asked to open and rate the item within 3 days of receiving it. They also have 3 days to report any issues with the item. If no problems are reported or the buyer fails to give you a rating, Mercari will automatically award you 5 stars, complete the transaction, and release your funds. Sellers can cash out immediately using Instant Pay or wait a few days and transfer the money to a secured bank account.

What Items Can I Safely Sell on Mercari?

Here’s where things get a little tricky. Because Mercari is an open platform where people from around the world can list and sell just about anything, it was only a matter of time before sellers started to get creative. 

Like most other online marketplaces, Mercari has a long list of items that are excluded and those that are prohibited. These lists prevent users from getting into legal trouble or receiving or selling unwanted items. Because many buyers on Mercari search by brand, the app also has a list of excluded brand names that aren’t permitted. 

So, where do used panties fall on these lists? Let’s take a look.

Excluded Items for Sale on Mercari

These excluded items fall under other specific categories. For example, not all small kitchen appliances are prohibited, but air fryers are. Similarly, people can sell certain electronics but tablets, televisions, and a few other electronics are not allowed. Here’s a full list of excluded items on Mercari.

  • Infant items including toys, loungers, feeders, etc.)
  • Musical instruments
  • Power tools
  • Gaming consoles
  • Wireless headphones
  • Gift cards
  • Digital items
  • Computers and laptops
  • Trading cards
  • Collectibles
  • Bicycle accessories
  • Used beauty products or cosmetics 
  • Corporate-branded clothing

Excluded Brand Names on Mercari

While Mercari is home to plenty of designer clothing, footwear, and accessory brands, these select few are not allowed. Mercari also doesn’t accept non-branded items or those from boutiques.

  • GAP
  • Banana Republic
  • Forever 21
  • Express
  • Charlotte Russe
  • H&M
  • J. Crew
  • Journey
  • Rae Dunn
  • Old Navy
  • Muji
  • Mossimo
  • TJ Maxx
  • Zara
  • Walmart brands
  • Target brands 
  • Uniqlo

Prohibited Items for Sale on Mercari

Now, outside of these excluded items and brands, Mercari also prohibits many items. These are similar across most sites and include everything from weapons and drugs to stolen or counterfeit items. Sadly, these lists often include used undergarments (yes, that means the G-string you wore to the gym yesterday), and other explicit or X-rated items. These restrictions make it difficult for sellers to list and advertise used underwear for sale, but more on that in a minute! 

Here are items that, according to Mercari, are a no-go. Listing these items for sale could get your account banned, restricted, or suspended. 

  • Illegal items
  • Drugs (illegal, prescription, tools or supplies for producing drugs, etc.)
  • Food and other FDA-restricted items
  • Stolen or counterfeit goods
  • Weapons
  • Alcohol or tobacco
  • Items not in your possession (coupon codes, dropshipping, advertisements, etc.)
  • Age restricted items
  • Cryptocurrency 
  • Live animals or taxidermy
  • Humans, body parts, bodily fluids, or any materials soiled with human fluids (i.e. soiled or used underwear)
  • Sexually explicit items (pornographic or obscene material, sex toys, or fetish items)
  • Offensive material depicting violence, racism, or glorified hatred

Mercari also includes a blanket statement on their page that they may not be used in connection with any activity that breaks the law, is fraudulent or predatory, threatens the platform’s reputation, violates the terms of an associated payment system, or results in significant chargebacks, penalties, or damages. Mercari doesn’t permit price gouging or inflated prices, either. 

Is Selling Used Panties on Mercari Allowed?

If you go based on the list above and the fact that soiled underwear and sexually explicit items are not permitted, then the clear answer would be no. Most people purchasing used items on Mercari expect them to be in near-new condition. They’re searching for clothing items (i.e. shirts, pants, jackets, dresses, shoes, purses, etc.), not your period panties. 

HOWEVER, there are plenty of people out there who would pay big bucks to get their hands and noses on your fragrant underwear. Unfortunately, advertising and selling used panties on Mercari may prove difficult, if not, impossible. Trying to sell prohibited items on the site puts you at risk of getting your account terminated. And while this may not be a big deal for some people, if you ever want to show your face in the e-commerce business again, you may want to reconsider this approach. 

Another thing that makes selling used panties on Mercari difficult is the fact that the app doesn’t have a chat feature. Unlike eBay and Craigslist where buyers and sellers can chat, negotiate, and make shipping arrangements, there’s no contact between buyers and sellers on Mercari. And because you can’t openly sell your used panties with detailed pictures and descriptions, the only way to let buyers know what you have to offer is through private chat. Without that ability on Mercari, it makes selling your soiled and fragrant underwear nearly impossible. 

For this reason, it’s best to save your used panties for a more user-friendly marketplace like Sofia Gray and reserve Mercari for selling your old prom dresses, designer purses, and other brand-name items.

Selling Used Panties on Mercari vs. Sofia Gray

So, what makes selling your used panties on Sofia Gray so much better, easier, and more lucrative than selling on Mercari? Where do we even begin? Check out the benefits of using a dedicated used panty platform like Sofia Gray vs. a generic commerce app like Mercari.

A Dedicated Audience of Panty Lovers

When someone wants a brand name piece of clothing or a pair of shoes, they look on Mercari. When someone wants a fragrant-smelling pair of used panties, they turn to Sofia Gray. As one of the largest online marketplaces for all things naughty, Sofia Gray attracts thousands of serious buyers from around the world every month. 

Here, buyers can search for used items based on the type, category, or seller. Sellers on Sofia Gray list everything from used underwear and bras to lingerie, socks, hosiery, and even sex toys! If it’s naughty items you’re looking for, Sofia Gray delivers. Mercari, on the other hand, not only prohibits sexually explicit materials (including used or soiled underwear) but also caters to a global market of buyers looking for millions of products. People visiting Mercari are searching for everything from kitchen appliances and furniture to home decor and jewelry. There’s no guarantee that someone visiting your page has any interest or inclination to purchase used underwear. This means listing and selling used panties on Mercari could be an epic waste of your time, energy, and effort. 

Sellers Keep 100% of the Sale

Sofia Gray wants to see you succeed. This is why all sellers keep 100% of their earnings from every sale. Whatever you list the item for is what gets deposited into your account – no commission or listing fees involved. Mercari, on the other hand, takes a flat 10% cut on every sale, regardless of the price. This makes it increasingly difficult to make a profit on this particular commerce app.

Although Sofia Gray does charge a small monthly listing fee for sellers to use the site, these funds are used for internal and outbound marketing, security and protection for all users, and website maintenance. If you were to try and sell your used panties on your own, you’d have a lot more overhead than that. These minimal subscription fees are paid for in advertising alone. Sofia Gray attracts thousands of unique buyers every month, all looking for precisely what you’re selling. That type of exposure can’t be bought!

Additional Money-Making Opportunities

The earning potential for sellers on Sofia Gray has no bounds. Motivated and active sellers can make hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month selling their used items along with other sexy services. Not only does Sofia Gray support the sale of used underwear and bras, but you can also list your sexy lingerie, socks, stockings, and hosiery for sale. 

Some buyers are interested in explicit chat and video services as well. So, if you’re able and willing, you could charge a pretty hefty amount for these personalized experiences. The more popular you become on Sofia Gray, the more opportunities you’ll unlock. Collect positive reviews and land repeat customers by establishing yourself as an active, engaged, and reputable seller. 

While Mercari also promotes its sellers by asking buyers to leave reviews, it’s not nearly as effective. There are thousands of sellers on Mercari that come and go. Some people create accounts merely to sell a single item and then abandon their profile. Most transactions on Mercari are one-and-done. While this works fine for basic transactions, buyers and sellers on Sofia Gray tend to develop a connection and lasting relationship. You can tell by the buyer reviews on the homepage that once a user finds a seller they like and connect with, a special bond often develops, leading to multiple sales for the seller and a reliable flow of income.

Not only can you sell your used panties, socks, lingerie, and sex toys on Sofia Gray, but our helpful blog offers endless ideas and opportunities for more sex side hustles. Check out this article on writing erotica from home or how to become a stripper. Whatever your naughty desire is, Sofia Gray has an outlet or information to help turn your dirty dreams and financial fantasies into realities.