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I am a 20 year old European student, who revels in her sensuality and sexual pleasures. I enjoy various kinks, prominently BDSM. I am a switch meaning I enjoy the roles of the dominant mistress in me and the submissive girl willing to do anything for her master. I am here to fulfill all your desires and wishes, so no need to be shy with requests, I'm sure we can enjoy our little wicked fantasy.   (read more about me on my wall) Add me on kik for some fun: wickdfantasy
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Hello, my darlings. I also offer used vibrators covered in my cum, used anal toys, beautiful pearls that have been stuffed inside my pussy or ass for hours and so on. Let's chat 💋 Kik:wickdfantasy
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Want to know some things you can request of me?
  • Of course, panties (any request will most likely be accepted, lenght of wear and things done in them can all be customized);
  • Socks, stockings, pantyhose;
  • Bras, brasieres etc.
  • Photos (examples: photos of my submission to you in an outfit and with props, me showing dominance with an outfit and props, masturbation with hands/toys, general naked pictures, workout, feet, having sex...you name it)
  • Videos (I am willing to do pretty much anything on the camera with the exception of showing my face for privacy and safty reasons, but if desired will show my lips if you want me to talk or moan in the video)
  • I can also write an erotic story involving you and me, just tell me what you'd like and I'll make it happen;
  • I am also always available for a chat, free of charge, if you just wanna talk and get to know me or talk about something you like, just message me here so I can give you places where you can reach me more often;
  • Any other idea you might have;
Hope there's something that strikes your fancy!
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A little discription of me: I'm 5,7, 140 lbs, size S/M depending on the brand. Solid B cup. I have long dark brown wavy/curly hair and brown eyes. My best feature in my opinion are my eyes and hourglass figure. I have a tattoo on my right inner upper arm. Measurements: 37|26|38
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