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We are two 19 year old California girls waiting to fulfill your desires. What separates us from the rest is that you get the absolute best quality and have the choice of who’s panties you want to indulge in. Our names are Ruby & Scarlet and your wish is our command.
Ruby: A 5’2” petite Caucasian girl with a juicy and voluptuous ass, perky tits, and a super tight pussy. My legs quiver at the slightest touch as my panties quickly fill with delectable juices just waiting to be embraced.
Scarlet: A 5’1” fiery Latina babe with soft full breasts, small waist, and toned legs all leading up to my wet and inviting pussy. Embrace my sweet aroma as it’s filled with the essence of my dripping peach.
We eagerly await for your requests as we play with our little pink pearls.
Let us know what kind of panties you’d like (thongs, g strings, bikinis, boy shorts, etc) and we will gladly prepare them for you. Everything is vacuum sealed to maintain freshness.
***Please let us know of any special requests, panties sold are worn for 24 hours and each additional day will be $9.
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Buy one get one half off starting August 28th ending September 10th! <3
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