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Hey sweets welcome to my shop! I'm a hot thick and juicy bbw latina with tons to offer. I love the outdoors, shopping and getting down and dirty with all your panty needs. Wether you're looking for a one day wear, 3 days, period, cum or any other request, I'm here to let you inside my crazy world.. and inside me as deep as you want. Any comments, questions or requests are welcome, I'm open to EVERYTHING you can think of, for the right price of course. Please note that, I value my privacy as much as I value yours, so if you're looking to get personal or are simply looking for a hook-up, you're in the wrong shop. I'm just a thick and juicy fun loving girl wanting to make some much needed cash selling my amazing scent to a wonderful person.. Are you it? Hit me up xoxo  Piper Victoria
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