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Picture this. It's raining and the room is lightly dim with the candles that I have lit the night before. Lavender, such a lovely calming smell. Such a good rest I've had, I thought to myself. I stretched myself on the sheets, rumpled from all of the tossing and turning I had. If only they are rumpled for a different reason but that can be arranged right? My hand starts to trace my skin and slowly finding my way to my lady bits. I start to touch myself, my clit tingling from my touch. Soon, I started to fantasize and soon, sweat starts to form between my thighs. It was a sensual romp between myself and my hand. And after I'm done, my panties are soaked with my juices. Now, picture this. These panties can be yours, all you have to do is say yes.
Last seen on December 7, 2018 12:00 am
naughtybrxwn added a status
Heading to the gym in a bit to get those lady juices flowing.
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