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Hey, I’m Natalia. I am 26 years old, with 38 DDD and 34 inch hips. I love to read, game, go to the gym, swim, hike, and play with myself.  I love selling panties its so fun and sexy.  Let's see if I can get you hooked on me ^.~  If you would like to buy me something special to wear for you, or there is something more you want me to do with your panties send me a message.   If you wish to have my panties be customized especially for you please contact me asking for what you want before you buy them, and i will adjust the price to meet the add ons pick as many as you want the add on prices will be added onto the base cost of the panties:   1 day additional wear (2 total) +$10.00 2 days additional wear (3 total. Pick only one) +$20.00 3 days additional wear (4 total. Pick only one) +$35.00 60 min. workout at the gym +$10.00 120+ min. workout at the gym +$25.00 Five extra photos +$10.00 2 min. Clip of me masturbating in them +$30.00 Stuffed in pussy +$15.00 Freshly fucked with them on +$40.00 Pee without wiping +$5.00 skid marks +$10.00 Something else? +We’ll work a price out   $30 base cost includes: - One pair of panties, worn for 24 hours, with masturbation session. - Three additional photos of me modeling them for you. (digital please check email if a note is not included) - Panties packed in two ziplock bags.
Last seen on November 20, 2018 12:00 am
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I'm so Horny right now, it feels so good to stuff my pussy with my panties and use a vibrator to masturbate with.
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