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hi there,welcome to Juteuse Culotte Boutique .(juicey panty boutique) im a 45 year old curvy red headed woman,i work a demending job and go to the gym,my hobbies are selling my dirty used panties because i love the idea of them being used and abused. unlike other sellers i give you the option of choosing,the size,uk 16 uk 18,the style of panties,what you want,wet,really wet, or more! you also have the choice of 24 hours to 48 hours of wear maybe a little longer, once every 4 weeks i will offer you a panty lucky dip,you could recieve anything from a pair of very scented panties, or 3 or 4 maybe more who knows,it depends how lucky you get. my aim is to offer you 100% gurantee and client satisfaction after all i want to make sure you our client is satisfied all items come in a zip lock bag to keep in my sexy scent,panties are discreetly packed and posted. free shipping in the uk. i accept payment by google wallet. so come and have alook in my little shop,lets make your dirty little fantasy come true. Mrs C.X  
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Good day to you all. todays the day were giving away our panty lucky dip, its simple,the 1st one to message us gets a FREE,thats right you naughty boys and girls you heard me a FREE pair of worn used panties of your choice.. Mrs C...Miss A..Miss M.x Lucky dip as now ended.come back next week for another lucky dip.x
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i woke up today feeling terrible with a cough,i will admit i peed my pants a little and kept them on,im such a dirty girl. Mrs C
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a new selection of panties, and bra and panty sets, coming your way tomorrow, im getting so wet just thinking about it. xx
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