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Hey Stranger! I'm glad you found me! Why  should you buy my panties? Because the thought of somebody somewhere around the world getting off on my scent is what gets me off while I'm wearing them, and I love getting off multiple times a day no matter where I am, in my bed, in work, public toilets, fitting rooms, wherever I have a bit of privacy! So they're always full of my young, aromatic juices. I like wearing them for hours after getting off because I love the way they feel when they're soaked in my Cum and sometimes I leave them on for days!!! About me: I'm half Russian half Greek but moved to London. I'm a Theatre actress and work part time in a restaurant (long, sweaty shifts 😉) I like pleasing people in any kind of way and living on the edge, I do rock climbing and burlesque dancing which I really love.   Special requests? Just contact me, I'm sure I'll find a way to fulfil your very personal Fantasies!   XXX Jule XXX
Last seen on October 31, 2018 12:00 am
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