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It's easy enough to buy underwear, but to buy them with out being judged? That can become an issue. Welcome to my shop I will never judge you for your love for used underwear. Come talk, and enjoy the comfort of my shop. I'm a Business woman and take my clients very Serious rather your a first time client, one time client, or a personal client that  can come to me for ongoing purchases:) I take pride in the underwear I purchase, Great quality, as well as making sure they look even better on me;) they fit me nice and tight so perfect for getting my amazing scent and stains left behind when they are slipped off.   If you see a pair you love message me and tell me what you want. Once the order is placed I will start to fill your order;) Enjoy;)   Please note I will NOT Urinate or poop in the panties I send. How ever I will ship out with the stains :) I do request payment upfront after our Arrangements have been made before I start to coustumize your sexy panties. My prices listed is for the basic 2 day wear . If you would like your panties Customized to your loving it will be an additional small charge. Thank you for doing Business with me , I'm always buying more underwear. Let me know what you like
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