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Hi guys, I'm a sexy Jewish college girl with black hair and big titties. I've got some dirty panties that are ripe for you. I have a boyfriend who doesn't know about me on this site! He would kill me if he knew, but the thought of you sniffing my scent and tasting my brand makes me so horny. I work out everyday and I like to masturbate through my panties cuz I like the way the fabric feels against my clit. I take requests so don't be shy when telling me what gets you off - worn for 48-72 hours, period blood, pee stains, orgasms, skid marks, you name it baby ;) My stinky panties will come with a personalized letter from me. I can't wait for you to sniff me out ;) Oh, and don't forget to ask about pairs worn by my sexy college roommates, they're just as naughty as me!
Last seen on October 16, 2018 12:00 am
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