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If you’re looking for dripping wet panties from the nurse you’ve always dreamed about then I’m for you. I’m an ER nurse that’s blonde, 5’2” and 165 lbs. I wear thongs and bikinis under my scrubs and cream all day long.  I have huge tits and a tight ass and love to squirt when I orgasm. Im married and my husband finds it super hot when someone else wants me so feel free to ask for a video of him doing something to me 😉  I love to fuck and have several fetishes myself so I would love to help make yours become a reality! Feel free to send me a message and make a request (I’ll do anything 😘 ). Besides panties I will also do play videos and take requests for that as well 😉
Last seen on December 6, 2018 12:00 am
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I’m so horny and wet right now. Perfect time for a request 😉
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