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Hi, I'm Charlie! I'm 22. I work out all the time because my body and fitness are really important to me. I'm CONSTANTLY horny. I masturbate every day and can't get enough sex. I started selling my panties because I honestly love the thought that someone out there is getting off smelling me and touching something that was on my body <3 I am very open to trying new things so if you have a special request, don't be shy! Message me! Whatever it is you like will probably make the panties you're about to get super wet... ;D Your privacy is really important to me! Because of this, I am discreet with my packaging. I use padded envelopes with no markings to indicate what kind of fun stuff is inside. Your secrets are safe with me ;D In addition to packaging my panties with privacy in mind, I also care about freshness! Because of this, all panties are 'made to order'. I don't wear my panties until you order them. Once they have been worn, played in, worked out in, or whatever you'd like done, I carefully seal them in vacuum packing. I also add an extra layer of plastic wrap protection around the gusset (crotch) to ensure my panties smell exactly like they did when I took them off my body. My panties are generally priced around $30. This includes one day of normal wear (16 - 24 hours). BUT if you'd like some fun extra things I would be so happy to accommodate! I have set prices below for frequently requested things. If what you'd like me to do is not on this list, please talk to me and I'll let you know if I'm up for it! Extras: Masturbate through panties - $10 Masturbate through panties with a video of masturbation (yes, you'll be able to see my pussy ;D) - $25 video is sent online or on a flash drive with the panties Extra 5 pictures of me in the panties (shows my pussy and boobs ;D) - $15 pictures sent online or on a flash drive with the panties Workout in panties - $10 I workout HARD at the gym so they will be suuuuper sweaty xoxo Pee in panties - $15 Pee in panties with video - $30 video is sent online or on a flash drive with the panties I use Stripe to accept secure payments. How to this works is you message me about exactly what you'd like and which panties you are interested in. Once we have agreed on a price, I message you with with the link and price attached. Your card information and mailing address is processed by Stripe and once the payment is accepted by me, I wear your panties and mail them to you. I look forward to hearing from you!
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