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I’m a pretty faced California girl with bright green eyes, I’m 5’7”, and I weigh 145 pounds, which sits in the right places, giving me healthy tits and a juicy, bouncy ass. I enjoy an active and healthy life style. I like to get really physical in my training with a close and sweaty workout, often ... I walk a lot at my day job and wear thongs that ride into all the right places, all night long, leaving my taste and scent all over then. My fiancé tells me that I taste as sweet as honey and smell like the most beautiful flower, but shhh! Don’t tell him what you think!!! Let me envelop your senses and you can experience how delicious I am for yourself! What do you like? We can keep it our secret. ;)
Last seen on October 1, 2018 12:00 am
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