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Hello my name is Athena ❤️ I’m a professional equestrian. I  strive to provide you with the sweetest most natural scent by maintaining a healthy diet; thus, providing you with the best smelly undies possible. I’m fetish friendly so please just ask if you have a request! I also offer videos of me stripping down to the panties ($50+ depending how detailed you want it) so let me know if that’s something you’re interested in! All panties are zip locked fresh off my body, and wrapped in parchment paper to preserve my scent. I’ll also include a handwritten thank you note AND as a token of my appreciation, you’ll get your own private album with an extra photo per pair. Prices may vary but to give you an idea: $25 per day, $5 extra requests, pictures $10 each and $15 each for nudity. I will accept Cash App money only. 😍 Message me to chat, find me on kik or ask for my personal email!
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Selling out quick gentlemen! 

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