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Aloha my loves, Let me take you to paradise and fulfill all your needs and desires.  I am a 25 year old mixed Pacific Islander.  5'6 with long luscious brown hair.  Thick thighs and big tits.  I'm a sweet, curvy island girl.  Born and raised on the beautiful island of Honolulu, Hawaii.  But now residing in the adventurous state of Minnesota.  I'm bilingual and a business major, working as a fraud specialist for a major bank. (I won't share which one, out of privacy.)  I'm a very adventurous person, constantly traveling.  My goal in life is to hit all 50 states and visit other islands around the world. I love to do custom orders.  Tell me what your needs are, length of time, style, fabric, scent, color, etc.  Whatever your heart desires.  I wear between sizes XL - 2X.  I'm a curvy girl with a sweet scent.  Prices will range depending on requests. 24 hours - $20 48 hours - $30 My max is 5 day for $60 Special: I regularly wear Thinx underwear brand.  They are a little bit thicker fabric and holds in more of my beautiful scent. They come in the colors nude and black.  If it's a custom order, I may need to order more from Thinx, so please allow time for shipping and wear. Styles - Hiphugger, Hi-Waist and Boyshort - $65 for TWO day use Styles - Sport, Cheeky and Thong - $45 for TWO day use Price increases $10 a day for additional day(s) use. Add-ons: Urine, Skid marks, Masturbation (I'm a squirter), Sex, etc. - $5 each. All orders come with a little note of what I did while wearing your purchase.  Ending with a kiss from me to you. 💋💋💋 Love you all! -Aloha Honey🌺
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