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Big Bear undies

A manly man With a manly scent. I’m open to most requests so don’t hesitate to contact me. Very sweaty and a very heavy cummer.


Hard working young women who goes to work all day and school all night!

Sexy stoner girl up to wear anything for you

Sexy stoner girl willing to wear and send anything to you, along with pic of me wearing them. 21 year old young pussy 💋💋💋


27 year old female. Im always horny and ready for some fun😉 My boyfriend doesnt know im on here so it adds to the excitement. All requests considered 😘


My name is Delilah. I\'m a 24 year old college student majoring in International Business in San Antonio, TX. It\'s my pleasure presenting to you my exotic and sassy styles of panties and bras. I\'m sanguinly here to satisfy your needs and wants by selling my items to you through my elite shop. It\'s essential for me to understand your needs and wants, therefore with a brief and straight forward description from you we shall begin your excitement, desires and fantasies. Serious inquiries only. Also, I do not accept selling my items to a married individual nor anyone in a relationship, I only accept singles. Chaow! 💛💋

Aubrey’s Taco

Just a fun loving average girl who wants to make your needs and wants come true. It excites me to sell affordable panties that I only wear once purchased so you get all the delicious scents and wants that you request. I do this as a hobby because I truly enjoy making people happy. Come try out my delicious taco.


Sexy worn underwear, let me know what you are after can cater to any personal wants and needs. Hope to get selling to you.

Veronica’s secret garden

Exploring my newly discovered kinky side.

Le Sexy Boutique

I\'m just a single mom trying to make ends meet for my son. I\'m just starting out doing this so any critique is welcomed. I\'m also trying to keep everything as affordable for you!


Hey there, I\'m Stina, 24 years old and based in Germany. I\'m a Sexual Educator, I love to cook, do yoga, watch porn and masturbate. I think my panties smell pretty hot, so I thought I\'d share that with the world.

Sophies sexy lingerie 😈

I’m a fun loving, naughty teacher 😈 looking to destress after a long day.. for some extra 💴 I’ll go as naughty as you like or as tame as you want! I’m open to suggestions - pictures/videos.. and selling of worn/ cum stained lingerie ! I’m happy to insert my underwear into my pussy or ass.. film it and get it sent to you .. open to all suggestions. So don’t be shy. Bank transfer please or Paypal 😘 look forward to some naughty fun! 😈😈😈

Promise You Won’t Tell

Hi! My name is Summer. I am 22 years old from America. I recently graduated college and now I am a teacher. I love pleasure and adrenaline. I am always on the move wondering where my next rush of excitement will come from. I am incredibly spontaneous and love meeting new people. Currently training for an Ultra Marathon so I am running outside and working out at the gym everyday. Trying new things and expanding my comfort zone is super important to me! I travel somewhere new every couple months just for fun! Most recently I lived on Koh Tao in Thailand for a month where I was trained as a professional Scuba Diver. I have traveled solo to most of Eastern and Central Europe as well. I am here because I love sex, pleasure and sharing the love. I am a squirter. Talk to me in English, Spanish or French. I cannot wait to meet you 😉 xoxo Summer


Wife. Milf. Student. Mechanic in training. Broke ass mama. Thick thighs save lives. I am chubby but strong. Scarred but beautiful❤ Ink&Metal. Up in smoke. And until you send me some panties, I can\'t wear them for you🤷


Sinfully delicious, and way too easy to fall in Love with! I guarantee that the experience will be one you will always remember ViViDly.


I\'m 26 and love playing with my toys and getting fit on my off time!

Canadian Secret

I truly enjoy getting these panties ready for you, and your satisfaction is my pleasure. If you are looking for something specific, and do not see it in my shop - please reach out. I would be happy to assemble your perfect item. My personal favourite is masturbating in them before sending them your way.

Anna Taylor

Young, active, in my 20s and now ready to help satisfy your desire for a pair of sexy lady panties! Workout and masterbation panties are my specialty, but feel free to reach out if you have any other requests.

The Laundromat

Just a spicy Latina, que le gusta comer Chile 🌶 . I got thick thighs, a small waist, and a big ass. I’m 5’4 and am very active I go to the gym 4-5 days a week to keep it thick. I live in California. Im a hairstylist so I’m constantly moving around and on my feet. I love knowing you love my panties.


Angel Kissed Is A Panty Botique That Will Be Updated Daily! I\\'m a 26 year old female who is very athletic and curvy and loves to be pleased. I am constantly wet and turned on! I hope you enjoy your goodies ❤

Lolita Lips

Virgin... On this site? Believe it or not... Hi I’m Emma! I’m an 18 year old part-time student and artist, full-time nymph hoping to make a lucky man.... smile ;) Is it going to be you? Want to know more? - I’m fun-sized!! 5’2, 115 pounds. - I have blonde wavy hair, blue-grey eyes, pouty lips, and freckles on my nose and cheeks. - I’m a nerd. I’m currently double-majoring in History and Political Science. - I have a nice ass. - I’m independent! I’m paying my own way through college. Although liberating, money is VERY tight...among other things. If you’re still reading, you’re a real one! I’ll be posting more items soon!

Cheeky Kat’s

Just a short curvy girl that likes to be sexy and have fun!

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