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Complete anonymity
Keep 100% of profits!
Thousands of potential buyers
Your own private store

We've created a simple sign up process, which only takes a few minutes. You could be chatting and buying from sellers within minutes.

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How it works

Click "SELL NOW " and start creating your store
Upload your items using details, images,and descriptions
Wait for the orders to start rolling in!

Make your store stand out

Your shop is completely customisable! There are no obligations or minimum requirements, list items as much or as little as you like. It's your store, you control what happens.

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Can I sell outside of the US?

Yes! Users from anywhere in the world can sell on our site.

How much do you take from my sale?

Nothing, we take no commission on any sales.

Can other users see my personal information?

No, not at all. We’re all about anonymity here at Sofia Gray so we allow sellers to show as little or as much as they like to buyers.

Can I make money selling used underwear?

Yes, This place is perfect to sell your used undies.

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If you click "Yes", your account will be deleted along with all of your listings. This process cannot be reversed.

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