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Set up your store in minutes! Not only can you sell your dirty socks, but you can also list panties, sex toys, content, and more.
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We do not take any commission, percentage or markup from your sales. Our only charge is a small membership fee to open your shop.
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Why wait for the buyers to come to you, when you can go to them? Sellers can contact any of our lovely buyers directly to see if they’re interested in their shop or just want to have a chat.
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We already have tens of thousands of buyers signed up with more joining each and everyday.
Fulfil custom orders
You can accept custom requests from buyers! Be it socks worn a particular way, or custom pictures and videos - let buyers live out their used sock fetish!
Fast & easy payouts
We have a number of convenient payout options, meaning once you make a withdrawal you’ll have the cash in your hands in no time.
Remain completely anonymous
Some sellers like to be seen, some don’t. Show however little or much as you want to - you’re in control.
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Each shop comes with a ‘Tip’ feature - allowing happy buyers to tip you in just a few clicks.
Seller Reviews
Our seller review system allows you to establish yourself as a reliable, satisfying seller - helping you to exponentially increase your shop purchases.
Make a great side income
Join the thousands of sellers just like you making a side income selling their dirty socks with us.
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Why do people sell used socks?

People like to sell their socks for different reasons. Most commonly because they find the whole experience a turn on, and at the same time they’d like to make some extra money. As for those looking to buy your socks, as you’ve probably guessed, foot and sock fetishes are huge!

The pheromones, the look, the feel, the thoughts - dirty used socks are a huge fetish for many people.

What type of used socks can I sell?

Sellers are able to list any type of sock they like! We recommend listing a variety of different types of socks, worn in a variety of different ways, the bigger the collection you can build, the more sales you’re likely to make.

What else can I sell beyond used socks?

Sofia Gray started off as a used panties marketplace, however, we’ve grown to be much more than that. As you’re probably now well aware, you can sell lovingly used socks, shoes, sex toys and so much more!

How much do sellers make?

The earning potential on Sofia Gray is unlimited! We have hobbyist sellers making a cool side income, to hardcore sellers who sell on Sofia Gray full-time!

But we know you’re looking for numbers, right? So here’s a breakdown of monthly sales for the average active seller* on Sofia Gray:

8 items a month sold

10 private collections unlocked

15 message unlocks

5 videos unlocked

*Correct as of September 2021. Active sellers are those with complete profiles reaching SG Superstar status.

How much does it cost to sign up?

We charge a small listing fee, and take no commission from what you earn on the platform. This fee allows us to maintain and continually improve our platform for all of our users. Here are our prices:

$24.99 for 3 Months of selling

$44.99 for 6 Months of selling

Do you take a commission or percentage from my sales?

No, we do not take any commission or percentage from your sales. You keep 100% of the funds made on your sold items and content.

Will my used socks sell locally or internationally?

You can choose whether you’d like to just sell locally, or internationally. Most sellers get purchase requests from within their city or country, however, a smaller portion of requests (under 10% on average) do come from abroad. If you are selling internationally, make sure you factor that into your postage costs.

Who posts my worn socks to the buyer?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer order fulfilment at this point in time. Once an order has been placed, the seller is required to ship the items to the buyer. It’s best practice to avoid writing a return address on the packaging, to preserve anonymity.

How should I post items I sell?

The best option is to vacuum seal your socks. This will lock in the smell for the client in the most effective way. However, if vacuum sealing isn’t an option, a ziplock bag is the next best thing. Just make sure it’s sealed tightly.

Is more money made selling used socks, or other items/content?

Generally our sellers make most of their income through selling used items, be they used socks or sex toys. However, this is dependent on the amount of items that have been listed. Items aside, the huge benefit of uploading content e.g private galleries and videos is that revenue can be made completely passively.

How do buyers pay me?

For items, buyers pay you directly via whatever method you prefer. For any content sold in your shop, you’ll be able to withdraw these funds from your dashboard directly to your bank account.

What are best practices to stay safe when selling?

Avoid giving out your real life information such as your full name. And most definitely don’t share information such as your address, or bank details. If someone asks for this, please let us know. You should keep communication between you and buyers on Sofia Gray (that way you get paid for messaging too).

Is it free to sign up as a buyer?

Yes, it’s completely free to sign up as a buyer! Please note: we only allow one account per person.

Why should I join Sofia Gray?

We’ve worked hard to make our platform the go-to for those interested in buying used items and amateur content.

Our extensive features and filtering options help you easily find the girl (or girls) of your dreams. With just a couple of clicks, you can message, enjoy free galleries, unlock private galleries and videos, order custom content, and more.

You can also choose to showcase your own profile in our buyers section, and have girls contact you first. We’re committed to you having a positive experience, so if you need any help or support, please do reach out to us.

How do I find what I’m looking for?

Our shop has in-depth filtering to ensure you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Be it shops selling dirty panties, or raunchy videos, you’ll be able to narrow down your search to exactly what you want.

How do I order an item?

To order an item, you have to first get in touch with the seller directly. This could be through our messaging or our make offer feature. From here, you can negotiate the price of the item, check if it’s still available and add any customisations. Once agreed you can choose from one of the seller's payment methods and make payment. Then all that’s left to do is sit back and wait for your order to arrive.

Can I only purchase underwear?

Used panties are only the tip of the iceberg! We pride ourselves in being the largest adult marketplace; you can purchase all types of used items, pictures, videos, and more.

How does Sofia Gray protect buyers?

Verifying sellers is the first step we take to ensure buyers have the best experience possible on our platform, however, in the unlikely case of things going awry, our dedicated support team will mediate with both the buyer and seller to come to a fair resolution.

Do I have to give sellers my real address?

If you’d like your items to be delivered to your home, then yes, you’d be required to provide the seller with your real address. However, there are several other options if you’d like to avoid this, such as: P.O Boxes and virtual addresses.

Can I make custom requests?

Of course! In the unlikely event you can find what you’re looking for, or you’re looking for something a little more specific, you can reach out to any of our lovely sellers, they’d be happy to accommodate your custom requests.

Is packaging discreet?

Yes, we require all sellers to package items as discreetly as possible, however, if you need further discretion we advise getting in touch with the seller directly and discussing your needs.

Can I speak to a seller outside of Sofia Gray?

All conversations and interactions made with sellers of Sofia Gray, must remain on our platform. This is to ensure the safety of our users, both buyers and sellers. Violations of this rule could result in account restrictions and termination.

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