White Lacy Thong

Love this white lacy thong…how it slips on over my hips and has a bad habit of sneaking up where it shouldn’t.  Just wearing it makes me feel 10 times sexier, and I can’t help but get wet with the way it rubs me in all the right places.

This post is for a 24 hour normal wear, however I am always willing to take a custom request for longer wear, masturbation, photos and videos. Because I know that what you want….you want to watch me make them nice and wet, knowing they will be sent right to you after. Just thinking about it makes me drip… HURRY and order so we can both find release!



Dallas Tx




Caucasian (White)


31 - 35



I am young mother and wife with a curvy body type. I have natural brown hair, brown eyes, and wear DD bras! Sometimes I shave and other times I like to grow out my pussy hair. I also have naughty tan lines. wink wink. I love touching myself, and I am almost always thinking about sex.  I wear Medium and Large panties, depending on the style, and love all different types. Thongs, Bikini, Boy Shorts, and others. I am also always on the look out for new styles, prints, colors and fabrics. I am also always open to searching for just the right one to wear for just the right man. :) Panties aren't the only items I offer! I also offer photos and videos! Contact me for more details!