White Briefs with Yes, Daddy? Print

These are some of my naughtiest underwear, I’ve worn them multiple times without washing them, and put them on after having sex with my fishnets torn apart (they’re also available) I really love these.  I







Caucasian (White)


21 - 24



I'm that quiet girl you see, long brown hair always up in a pony-tail, minding her own business. Not really talking to anyone. Not snobby, just kind of shy. Wearing clothes that cover and don't really cling to the curves of her body, but you can tell she's got some big tits on her, and a nice big ass.  You'd love to see what's under there. What are her nipples like? Does she have an outie or an innie? Is she just as quiet and buttoned up behind doors and in bed? Or is she wild, and filthy, with a thousand fantasies, and one of them is being a dirty little whore, selling her soaked panties to men online, and thinking about them breathing the scent of her pussy in deep, and then wrapping the panties around the hard cock that she just caused and stroking it back and forth, and cumming in them. **All prices in $USD now :) I like to hear about what you do with my panties and see any pics you want to send me :) I like to talk about what you're going to do/are doing with my panties but if you just want to buy and not talk that's fine with me too. Pretty much anything in my gallery can be purchased and extras can definitely be discussed, starting at $15US/$20AU :) Some extras I particularly enjoy are masturbating in the panties, and stuffing them inside my pussy. If you would like to, you'll get at least one high quality image of me in the item/s you buy. I'm not sure about videos yet. the If you've got any desires that are unlisted, some smelly socks, pantihose, red satin, purple lace, whatever you like, ask and I'll do my best to satisfy you :) Lastly, I'm an Aussie girl, so if you're overseas know that unfortunately about $17US of my price is due to postage, but you should still get your item/s in around a week, and multiple items will get big discounts :)  Fellow Aussies also get a $10AUD discount on everything :) I really want people to be able to enjoy my stuff, and it turns me on, but I have to be able to cover my costs, but making some money out of this is part of the thrill ! :) :) :) <3