VS Cheekini

Good day! How can you beat a juicy ass in Victoria Secret Cheekini’s 🙂 Wore this straight of the shower where I shaved everything…got out and put these on to sleep in and lounge around the house Friday evening into Saturday afternoon. These were intended to be Netflix and Chill panties but due to unforeseen circumstances that did not happen…so instead, I had to wait around with anticipation on my face…and maybe in my panties too…Two question for you. 1. Would you Netflix and Chill with me? 2. If you were mine, and you found me sleeping in these panties, what would be the first thing you would do?



Las Vegas




Caucasian (White)


41 - 45



Fun-loving sapiosexual MILF with an active life full of topless pools, long travel days, or working at my home office. I am also bi-sexual and can't wait to show you some play-date activities with my girlfriends and much more! Still working out what else I would like to tell you about myself so stay tuned for more...

Tattoos: 7 Hair: Blue/Gray/Red who knows Bra: 36DD  Panties: Medium