VS Cheekies

The day I spent wearing these was quite an eventful day! I put these on before bed per request from my boyfriend – we’re long distance and he requested this specific pair for our morning video call. After a night filled with dirty dreams in anticipation for the morning to cum, I woke up ready to get as freaky as one can via video. We did our thing, however this time my boyfriend was feeling extra authoritive and wouldn’t allow me to finish with him. After getting me alllllll worked up, he requested I wear these (terribly moist) panties for him for the rest of the day and then record myself finishing for him before bed while still wearing them. Needless to say, I was finally able to release some much built up tension and these adorable cheekies are now holding a very dirty redheaded secret 😉



Maple Valley




Caucasian (White)


25 - 30



Hmm.. Lets see. My name is Rachel. I'm a petite redheaded scorpio.. So I'm a handful. In more ways than one ;) I'm a bit of a spoiled princess and I like to get my way. But, with that comes the fun stuff! I enjoy being put in my place every now and then and I'm a natural pleaser. Take that however you'd like. I have a husband AND a boyfriend and although they know about each other, neither one of them knows about my shop. Let me be your dirty redheaded secret ;)