Very first juicy workout thong

My very first pair ready to sell! Had some morning self pleasure time followed by a hardcore 1hour workout. Was dripping sweat and everything else. Didnt get to undress until the afternoon so these have my essence thoroughly in them. I think you will enjoy:) Who wants to be my first buyer at this low price? Can’t wait for feedback!!!







Caucasian (White)


45 - 50



I have a confession to make...I actually like the smell of my wet dirty underwear. There are 3 things I do daily-workout, masturbate, and have sex (some multiple times), so I have plenty fragrant panties at my disposal and ready for you,  My boyfriend says I have a magic pussy and it is the sweetest thing he has ever tasted. Since I taste myself on his mouth all the time, I can tell you it is yummy and always juicy and ready to go.  I have a sexual energy that is part of my being and it emits in many ways, including smell. I promise you will not be disappointed. It is actually a huge turn on for me to do this. So just ask and you shall receive: )