Used sporty thong

Woke up horny as usual so I decided to play a little with my clit to give myself the first pleasure of the day. Once it was nice and wet, I sucked on my fingers, placed them deep inside of me, just how I like it. Then once I left myself open and turned on I licked my fingers again, I Love tasting my sweet self and squeezing my G spot hard because it makes me extremely fucking wet. After the first orgasm I used my vibrator to finish the job, because I had to get going. After I got my satisfaction, I didn’t have time to shower, so I rushed to yoga, then went to class and felt myself all wet after my sexy morning! What can I say? I love being wet, rain forest style. Enjoy 💋









25 - 30



💋 All I want to do is satisfy your deepest fantasies. I love to imagine the things you would do to my delicious, juicy and wet undies. I also love to masturbate and play with my clit any chance I get, usually 5 plus times a day. I have a good selection of toys and would like to show you how I enjoy them.

I take dirty requests! It gives me pleasure to be desired but I’m here for your satisfaction, mi amor.😉💋💦

Let me show you how addicting this Latinas’ scent is…. I guarantee you’ll be back for more.