Twin Sisters Lace Thong Naughty Matching Gray and Lavender

These delicate lace thongs have been near and dear to our most intimate parts countless times! Gray and Lavender with romantic lace detailing, and covered in our essence, you\’re sure to be in love with these😍😍


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Chicago Illinois



We are Kendall and Kameron, the Valentine Twins! The worlds best identical twin exotic dancers. Whether you would like panties or outfits that we have performed in, practiced routines in, worked out in(We love running, dancing, and yoga!) or have been extra naughty in, (They do not call us double trouble for nothing😉) we have everything you are looking for, and more! 😘😘 Though we are often called double trouble (and very rightfully so) we are also twice as nice, so our panties range from the sweetest white lace, to faux leather and fishnet and everything in between! We love to fulfill fantasies and requests, and it excites us to do whatever our adoring fans request together in our panties! So, if you would like panties that we have studied together, worked out together, shopped together, played together in, or if you would like us to reenact whatever twin fantasy your heart desires, followed by sending you the lovely mementos of our lingerie, your wish is our command! We are 18 years old, and our nickname The Valentine Twins comes from our birthday, which is on Valentines Day! We are half Hungarian and half Native American, and have petite frames, but are well endowed with very wide hips, perky chests and bubble booties! We are 100% natural beauties, except we dye our naturally black hair to be blonde(They do have more fun!) We have hazel eyes with flecks of green in them. We are shorties, standing at about 5 foot 3 inches without the help of our clear heels! 😉😉 We love our work, and adore sending clips of our pole tricks and  dancing! 😍 Feel free to get to know us better and ask us any burning twin questions you may have! 😘😘                                                          Love,                 Kendall and Kameron