Hi baby 😉
These undies are way too tight on my pussy, I need to get rid of them asap 😉 Because they are sooo tight I couldnt resist getting them extra wet for you, so wet that I decided to wear them longer because they are rubbing against my clit. These panties will help you imagine whats going on between my juicy legs 😉




Columbus, OH




Caucasian (White)


18 - 24



Hi There ;) If you want genuine panties from a smart sexual woman, this is your place to be. I'm someone who is always on the move, out and about on adventures, or spending time getting sexy. I love boy shorts and soft thongs. Thongs are some of my favorites because my juicy bottom really absorbs them to make them feel like they are not even on and not wearing anything turns me on.   I will be wearing your pair for a minimum 24 hours. Some panties will be worn on the days I work out, some will be worn just doing every day activities like work and school. I will have some special pairs that will be extra juicy too because the thought of you having them makes me very, very wet. All my panties will arrive moist with my scent and with a special note personally from me to you <3 I do take special requests, so don't hesitate to tell me your wildest fantasies ;)   New!!! Follow my twitter @OurSecretXOXO   xoxo my loves