Thick Black Lace

Victoria’s secret panties, “made” to order 😉



Colorado Springs




Caucasian (White)


21 - 24



Hey y’all 

I’m a 21 year old mommy, army wife, and dog walker (so I get lots of exercise!). I also breastfeed so if you’re into that than I’ve got plenty to spare 😉

I’m looking to get into something that’s equally as exciting for me as it is you. I’m young. I’ve got long brown hair and steel gray eyes; a big ass and huge tits! 

I’m a whore in the bedroom and reallllly like it rough. I wanna be taken advantage of and used. I love hearing other people’s fantasies so if there’s something you want that you don’t see, just let me know. I’m very open-minded 😉

What You’re Buying:

$25 will get you a pair of my delicious panties worn for a full 24 hours and I’ll even cum in them a couple of times for ya. 

I’ll include a sexy handwritten note just for you, and I’ll mail it all in a sealed bag and discreet manilla envelope. 


$8 Standard with Tracking

$13 Rush with Tracking


Additional 24 hours – $10/each

Additional Play Time – $5/each

Stuffed (Just tell me where!) – $5

No Wipe (Front) – $8

Worn Socks – $12/pair

Bag of Breast Milk – $10

Post-Sex Covered in Cum – Add. $10

Want something else? Just let me know. I bet we can work something out 😉

*P.S. My husband doesn’t know so let’s keep this between me and you*