The Basic Bitch

Here is my most basic black thong for you to enjoy. The base price of $20 includes this sexy black thong with one day of normal wear (vacuum sealed) and a lovely handwritten note (sprayed with my favorite fragrance) describing what I did that day (work, lounge around, date night, etc.)

If you wish to add any of the following extra activities to this thong, just let me know!

Extra 24 hours wear ~ $15 
Sex while wearing ~ $10 
Masturbate while wearing ~ $10 
Extra juicy wear (24 hours during ovulation) ~ $8 

Any of the 3 Ps ~ $6 each 

Workout for 30 mins. ~ $5 

Stuffing ~ $5 

I should add that if you have any other requests for activities not listed above, I am open to suggestions…I’m not shy! My Kik username is AmberMadelline. Just give me a shout and let’s work something out!

My preferred method of payment is Bitcoin, but we may be able to work out another arrangement if necessary.







Caucasian (White)


31 - 35



I'm a massage therapist who goes to great lengths to have the sweetest, juiciest pussy you've ever experienced. I'm hormone free (no birth control), and this makes me extra juicy (especially when I'm ovulating!). Additionally, I eat pineapple and other fresh fruit daily, and I abstain from habits that negatively affect my flavor such as drinking alcohol and smoking, so my pussy tastes like pineapples and sunshine. Enjoy!