TEN year old panties w/ holes!

I’ve had these for TEN years!  Let me know how long you want me to wear them and what you would like me to do in them.



Ft. Lauderdale




Caucasian (White)


21 - 24



Hi there, my name is Sarah Kia and I am 22 years old. I love to work out a hike. Eating healthy and taking care of myself is important. Strawberries are my favorite and I try to eat them every day. I have many different panties all ranging in sizes XS SMALL and MEDIUM. I can wear them for a few days and even longer if you want. I will make sure the smell is absoluty amazing and will make you wanting more! Some times I play with myself wearing underwear and I do sell those too but I like those to be fresh so just request if that is something you want. Everything will be sealed to perfection so youll be able to have a great experience. I also have sports bras that I work out in if anyone is interested in that.