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After a long day of classes, what more could a girl do but settle down in her comfiest panties and rub her soaking wet pussy. I was so tired but I couldn’t stop, my body needed it. The way this orgasm rocked my body, woo! I have never cum like this before. My ebony skin looked gorgeous in the lighting. My pink pussy was sticking to my undies, I was so horny!I love the feeling of these particular undies against my engorged clit. I’m so happy to share them with you. I usually have them for purchase at $30 for undies I’ve masturbated in but I’m feeling charitable today- haha! I hope to hear from you soon xx

Ebony Rose is a  phat assed sultry black 19 year old university student and she’d love to share her pussy juice with you. I'm really obsessed with the idea of pleasuring someone I don't even know. The thought of someone having my panties with my sweet scent on them is so fucking hot to me. I'm a horndog, and I love to talk about it!

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