Stuffed Sweet Lips

A girl has her needs. I decided to go out with my girls for a casual girls night out. My innocent girls night out turned into the best one night stand I’ve had in a while. I felt desire, I ride his dick just how I like it. Felt my cum warm on my undies as I kept fucking him. I kept my undies on for the whole ride, as I’m not so trusty at first. Plus, getting fucked on my lingerie has always make me feel some kind of way. There is mostly my juices, as I got extremely wet. Slept all night long wearing them, what can I say? It reminds me I just got fucked deliciusly . Woke up and decided to keep them on all day to make sure my scent is printed all over them. Wore them ALL DAY LONG. Just for you, my favorite dirty boys💋









25 - 30



💋 All I want to do is satisfy your deepest fantasies. I love to imagine the things you would do to my delicious, juicy and wet undies. I also love to masturbate and play with my clit any chance I get, usually 5 plus times a day. I have a good selection of toys and would like to show you how I enjoy them.

I take dirty requests! It gives me pleasure to be desired but I’m here for your satisfaction, mi amor.😉💋💦

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