Steal Your Heart

Adorable little hearts <3 I don’t know if I even want to part with these they are so cute. xoxo







Caucasian (White)


18 - 24



Hello 💕 Bella Blossom here,, and ready to please her masters. I’m a young blossoming girl who loves to watch cartoons and play with her toys all day. My absolute favorite thing to do is to please Daddy.

~$20 for a cute standard pair of my panties worn for a minimum of 24 hours. (Comes with freshly sealed pair of panties, a handwritten note which is signed and sealed by a kiss from Daddy’s favorite girl.)

Additional Daddy’s Favorite Add-Ons:

~$5 for my Kik. (Comes with guaranteed response and opportunity to chat with Daddy’s favorite girl about anything Daddy desires as well as one digital copy of Bella’s exposed pussy.)

~$1 for a spritz of Bella’s favorite scent at the time.

~$3 per each additional day of wear with permission for Bella to shower.

~$5 per each additional day of wear with the strict rule of Bella not to shower.

~$5 for Bella to wear her panties while playing outside and sweating a lot in them.

~$5 for a taste of Bella’s blossoming pussy juices on your pair of her panties.

~$7 for Bella to accidentally pee herself a little while wearing your pair of her panties.

~$10 for Bella to get her period and accidentally get a little on your pair of her panties.

Contact me via email: [email protected]

I absolutely love being creative and having fun with Daddy. No request is too strange or out of this world for me. So please talk to me about custom orders, I’m willing to do anything to pleasure my Daddy.

However please do respect if my response is no to a certain request. I would love to still make Daddy happy if I can though.

Also, I am happy to sell other items such as my cute socks or worn panty hose.

Thank you so much and I hope to get to play with you soon. 💕

Hugs & Kisses,,

Bella Blossom