Soaking in sweet sweat thong

I get so jealous of those girls at the gym who can wear cute colored pants that don’t reveal their wetness. I have to wear black pants as well as a sensual black thong to disguise my butt sweat and pussy wetness. Throughout my workout, I get so sweaty, and several of the moves (ex: hip thrust) remind me of sex, so I also get wet. You can see in the second photo, that even with my thong on, I still make marks of my salty sweetness whenever I sit. Then I like to wear my tiny black thong for hours after my workout, making sure the sweat and wet become dry, because I’ll be soaked up to the hip. I hope you also get a “workout” of sorts when you touch my soaking sweet thong.








Caucasian (White)


25 - 30



How do you do? My name is Bubbles, I’m in my mid twenties, curvaceous, blonde,tattooed and naughty. I love to fantasize throughout the day, reveling in my wetness. I love the BDSM/Kink scene. I masturbate on a regular (maybe slightly more than “regular”) basis. I’m sticky, sweaty, throbbing, and sweet. The more you cum, the healthier you become. And isn’t health important ;) I cannot wait to help others become healthier as well. So let’s get a little naughty. Requests taken! XOXO -Bubbles