Smooth black panty hose smell of sweetness

I wanted to give you a new item that i’ve been getting requests for. Here in this listing you have a pair of silky smooth panty hose that are waiting for dick rubbing. They’ve been worn by me during the day, and of Course without underwear to help capture the true essence and lovely smell









25 - 30



Hi there, I'm a Canadian Country Girl.rnrn rnrn5'4, 110lbs,rnrn30Drnrn33" round Hipsrnrnmuscular buildrnrnblack curly hair and a passion for Health and Fitness...and a few other thing :)rnrn rnrnI'm a healthy, lady with lots of booty that I love to twerk and jiggle for your pleasure. I enjoy recording my dance moves and imagining I'm in the room with you watching. Overall making you hard turns my creative juices on and gets me dripping wet.rnrn rnrnBy day I'm a chatty, witty, intelligent, friendly lady. I enjoy unleashing and letting my wild naughty side loose here. Wait till you hear me moan or challenge you in an edging contest.rnrn rnrnI found this site after a few months on a web cam site. I enjoy role playing, dressing up sissies, instruction giving, domination, while expanding and growing into new areas. I'm always open to learning what makes you tick. Send me a message and let me know how I can help you.rnrn rnrnI can't wait to meet you all, strip and tease you all, and 'cum' together with you all....rnrn rnrn**I'm a seamstress that enjoys making panties, if you have an outfit or idea shoot me a message. I have lots of fabrics on hand, custom gussets of your choice is an add on.**