Skimpy Lacey Red Briefs

These panties are very special to me. Feeling the lace puts my mind in a kind of memory. I remember going out dancing with my girlfriends and teasing all the boys with lusty looks. These panties make me feel sexy as hell! I walked around the entire time I wore them feeling confident and flirty. Redheads always seem to get a unique type of attention and I soaked up every moment of the lust I felt coming at me. I hope they make you feel as sexy as they made me feel. 😉







Caucasian (White)


21 - 24



Hello There! I am a 24 year old nurse. I have a reputation that precedes me as being the sweetest girl that you have ever met. I always put other people before myself and that is true in more than one way. The truth is I enjoy playing with myself every chance that I get. My favorite thing is making your fantasy come true. I will do ANYTHING to satisfy my lover. If you have not figured it out by now I am a submissive without a dominate. Nothing is ever completely off the table for me. I will try anything once, and then again because I have never tried anything I didn't enjoy at least a little. Tell me what you what done with your panties and I will make it happen. The thought of you holding my panties knowing what I have done to them for you turns me on more than anything.