Single Cam masturbation video

Short sneak peek (2:16 minutes) of me masturbating for you. Unfortunately the A/C was running in the background but I muffled down the static a bit. If this short video piques your interest then ask me about full length masturbation videos or anything else you may be interested in 😉









18 - 24



Hi everybody!  I'm a runner so I have a petite body (5'0, 110 lbs), cross-country, track, volleyball and basketball. :) I'm a bit of a nerd so I like games and comics but I also like to go out with friends. I'm a young Latin girl who is shy but secretly very bad. All my products are wrapped in wax paper to preserve my juices and then sealed in vacuumed airtight plastic bags to preserve my scent. I use PayPal, SquareCash, or GiftRocket. Kik: MiriamRServices ***Panties*** Panties $25 (includes 24 hour wear, cum, photos) Yellow stain $5 Brown stain $5 Shark Week stain $5 Workout $5 ***Other clothing*** Leggings/Pantyhose $20 (24 hour wear, photos) Socks $10 (24 hour wear, photos) Sports Bras/Bras $25 (24 hour wear, photos) Sports Shorts/Underwear $20 (24 hour wear, photos) ***Misc Products*** Pussy/Anal candy beads $5 ***Pictures*** Pictures $1/ea Custom Pictures $2/ea ***Videos*** $3/minute pre-made videos (single camera) $5/minute custom videos (single camera) $8/minute custom videos (multiple cameras)   Any extra day wear or special requests such as stuffing and other clothing, just message me :) Can't wait to talk to you, lovelies!