Silky Soft VS Panties

I slept over at a guys house and had sex with him 3 times in these panties, he loved how silky soft they were. I wore them the next day so had to go through the entire day with my cum inside them.







Caucasian (White)


18 - 24



Young eighteen year old slutty girl panties! I am petite and ready to make my panties ready for you! I am happy to take special requests for those who have them, just drop me a dm! I very active in bed and in everyday life. I'm bendy like a pretzel and would love to fulfill your  wildest, wettest dreams. So what are you waiting for? I won't bite unless you want me too. It turns me on so much to know what my used panties are used for, I am constantly horny, so we can help each other out with our sexual fantasies! Each item I sell is packaged in a ziplock bag so it maintains its special smell and a personalised note sealed with a kiss with my favourite sexy red lipstick. I can offer panties that I’ve had sex in, been to the gym in and just wear on an average day.