Silky pink Vera Wang panties- pretty in pink

These adorable pink Vera Wang panties are so smooth and silky to the touch, and yet saturated with my juices as I masturbated several times a day in them.rnrn$5 extra for a sweaty workout in them!



New York




Caucasian (White)


25 - 30



Hey there sexy, I’m Veronica.  I’m a tall (5’8″) 130 pound 28 year old, size Medium, sometimes Small, with long blonde hair and a nice ass.  I have to laugh at half of these profiles saying how they’re “constantly horny” and coming across as so fake.  I promise I’m a REAL person with real emotions, dreams, desires and aspirations.  I love working on my fitness and I’m an aspiring artist and writer.  An ultimate creative spirit, which makes me an excellent dirty talker 😉  Won’t you help me make some money so I can continue to make my art, and help yourself in the meantime…? 😉

To protect my anonymity I will never show my face or my tattoos, and I’m not open to doing live webcam or phone sex. I hope you understand.  But talk to me and if you pay a little extra we can work out some “extras” you can receive….

Al my panties have been masturbated in; I touch myself a lot throughout the day when I’m bored, and that’s the honest truth 🤷‍♀️

Shipping to the US only.  I take Paypal only.   🙂