Silky Golden Thong

Molta Bellastring(11) "Molta Bella" $30.00
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This pretty little piece was worn under a bright red dress for a morning of apple picking, followed by hours in a hot kitchen baking pies 🙂 This thong is a simple design and a shiny gold/champagne color.

Benvenuto! :* 4"11 Italian Cheerleader & Business Student. Long, dark curly hair, big brown eyes, and soft, warm tanned skin :) Aside from breaking a sweat on the sidelines in my cheer skirt, I enjoy other physical activities such as gymnastics, yoga, and have recently taken up an interest in pole dancing & aerial arts, so you can bet I'm hella soaked by the end of the day and pretty damn flexible :) Starting prices will be $30 each pair for one day of wear with an additional $5 charge for each day of wear after that, if requested. Open to discussing other special requests and prices of said special requests-in a civil and professional manner- via e-mail, [email protected] Parli presto, il mio amore :* Venmo for payment $$$