Silk String Thong with Bows!

Who doesn’t love cute little bows?  This thong is barely there..  I can sweat in em, masturbate in em.  Let meeee know!  Here to please ya!



New York City




Caucasian (White)


25 - 30



Hello! I'm a recent graduate currently working as a fine arts professional.  There is nothing better than ending my day with a hot yoga or spin class.  I have a rather large behind, so I'm almost always experiencing a wedgie from some angle.  I've learned to stop fighting it, and let it be! I'm fairly new to this, so I am open to suggestions and requests!  I work out and masturbate, DAILY so I don't think I'll have a problem with soaking my favorite pairs of dorky cotton undies.  I'm usually not wearing underwear at all.. so there will certainly be a conscious effort made on my end for your pleasure. I am wildly undersexed because I am waiting around for a swell guy.. whilst focusing on my career.  No rush!  So in the meantime, I thought I'd have some fun here with ya'll.  I masturbate with great frequency, often waking up in the middle of the night to finish myself off after a sex dream. I'm usually knitting or reading to be completely honest.  Or I'm outside hiking a mountain, lying on the beach, antiquing. Get me started!  What would you like?