Silk Lace Violet Stripper Panty

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♡ Super soft and silky panties. Small, worn for 4 days ( even when pole dancing 😉 ) They were a huge hit at the club! ♡ I kept them in a Ziploc when not in use so the scent wouldn’t fade ~ worn the week before my last period for that spine-tingling pheromone effect~♡☆♡

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♡~Hello~♡   Welcome to my sensual little shop☆ I'm an art student by day and stripper by night! :) I have so many soft, sexy, scentful bikinis, g strings, and thongs to share~♡ all have been very well loved! ;)♡~ Please feel free to browse/make inquiries about any of my adorable used panties ;) *hugs&kisses!* ~Bunny FAQ: Age: 21 Height: 5'2 Weight: 112 lbs Panty Size: XS-S Requests: Yes Occupation: Exotic Dancer/Stripper ;-* ♡