Sexy flowers

These sexy flowered boy shorts have been helping hold my secret scent in for 4 beautiful days. I’ve gone to work, worked out, and had some naughty times with myself in them, what’s your plan for them? 😘 hope you see them soon XOXO Sweet Belle



Las Vegas




Caucasian (White)


18 - 24



Sexy Secrets was created by yours truly as a way to express my sexual freedom in a more discreet way, as I promise to return the favor with unmarked packaging and a quality signed and kissed Polaroid of myself in the pair(s) you order!


I am an outdoors woman with an active lifestyle. I enjoy camping, horseback riding, and working on my cars and trucks in my spare time.. all while in your favorite, sexy underwear. There may be some extra I do in them as well, but we will save that for between the sheets 😘


I promise not to tell, if you promise not to tell on me ❤ I look forward to long conversations about what sexy fun I’ve had in your new favorite pair of lingerie! I accept special color requests, and activities done in them as well, I hope you ask me for your deepest darkest fantasies.. perhaps we have the same ones 😉


Yours forever -Sweet Belle