Salmon Bra & Panties Set

SCENT: SEX! This sexy lingerie set was purchased for me by a man I was dating for a time…he bought it for me and to thank him I fucked him for the first time in our courtship–funny thing is–I NEVER heard from him after that…GO FIGURE…! NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED…  Well, I’ve fucked PLENTY of men since him and I have MADE it a habit to put this little outfit on afterward–so it is a NICE MIX of MY SWEET SEXUAL CUM SCENT combined with the CUM of MANY MEN–Makes for SUPER PUNGENT and SEXY STENCH!!! ENJOY!!



Newport Beach, CA




Caucasian (White)


36 - 40



Welcome to my little panties store! SO GLAD you stopped by!

Well, I’m pretty horny ALL the time so I spend most of my days REALLY WETTTTT, just waiting for my PUSSY to receive PLEASURE…!!!

And when she gets it–either from my man or myself–she REALLY goes CRAZY with the juices…!!! Cumming and SQUIRTING and CUMMING…!!! My PUSSY is a NAUGHTY LITTLE GIRL and she just LOVES to CUM and CUM and CUM!

So after a couple of days of CUMMING AND CUMMING OFF THE HOOK, my panties are RIPE with my scent–which is SWEET and TANGY and PUNGENT with SUGAR n SPICE n all wrapped up SO NICEEEEEE!

See for yourself how SWEET AND SPICY my PUSSY REALLY is by ordering a pair of my SEXY, 3-DAYS-OR-MORE-WORN panties–YOU WON’T regret it!!! 👿😎😍👠💄👙👗👢💗💗💗💞👄👄👄👅

Every purchase includes a short video of me taking off my panties after they have been worn and putting them in a zip-lock bag before sending them out to you…

* PHOTOS – nude with autograph
* VIDEOS – special order
* CUSTOM REQUESTS – gladly considered