Rebel Rebel: Fangirl Dreams ($35 base)

I will fangirl all over your body in these adorkable boy shorts. Theyre so soft, and so cheeky. I can do whatever you please in these undies, just remember, these ARE the droids youre looking for.


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Welcome to my shop! 24 years old, tattooed, curvy-yet-athletic and my personal style goes between sexy and edgy. I am heavily influenced by pop culture too! I love all styles of panties but my favorites are cheeky bikinis, thongs, and cute boy shorts. My girlfriends would describe me as a free spirited creative chick with a lot of kinks. I am basically attracted to everyone, I love men but all my fantasies are about girls, or about being tied up ;)

Shop Policies

I buy mainly from department stores, but I take requests for the brand, color or style you like best provided I can find/purchase it.

Otherwise you can choose a pair for me to wear and let me know what you would like me to do in them: I am willing to work out (I lift weights), masturbate, have sex, or we can work out another activity of your choosing.


• $35 for one day of normal wear

• $40 for one day plus masturbation/sex/workout/etc

• $45 for two days of normal wear

• $50 for two days plus masturbation/sex/workout/etc.

• $15 for a sexy photo of me wearing the panties -- I am an artist so photos are top notch!

I ship panties in a ziplock to keep the scent and always use discreet packaging.

Buyer pays for the shipping cost.

Got a fantasy in mind I can help you with? Send me a PM and we can talk about it ;)