Purple Brazilian Bikini

Entry level product in purple, sexy bikini cut used for the day.







Caucasian (White)


25 - 30



Underwear on demand from keen horny Aussie babes.   Hello and Welcome to Sunny Peaches, We're happy to have you here with us! The best thing about us is that we love underwear too. Want to know more about us and what we get up to? Check us out on Instagram @aliceyogagirl & @millie.b.ross. We are sexy, honest, confident and humorous Aussie chicks. We are big yoga fans, always working out and eating healthy. We want to take part of the pantie phenomena and deliver you our most authentic womanly aroma. Our bodies are full to the brim with top quality local ingredients and are bursting with flavour, however; our odour does change depending on activities and nutrition which we are happy to a custom. We believe in our customer's satisfaction and would be happy to customize to your desired scent, whether; be working out, everyday wear, swimwear, long-term wear, masturbation or ultimately worn after intercourse. Our wardrobe ranges from briefs, thongs, boy shorts and bikinis. We will sort you out, as we understand that, these juicy parcels of pure goodness need to be handled with discretion. If you believe there's a problem, leave me a message and I'll take care of you as quickly as possible. Happy shopping. With love from, Apple&Peach Please keep in mind our sales terms and conditions when purchasing as no returns or exchanges can be made and payment must be cleared before orders will be sent. We are delighted to hear your requests, however; we reserve the right to also decline.