Pretty in Pink

These comfy pink panties were worn to the gym where I did yoga and sat in a steam room.

Im hoping to serve someone by sending them these panties and a picture of me wearing them. They have been vacuume sealed, so they will be add fresh as if I took them off in front of you.




I am a mother of two and an active member in the kink community.  I thrive while being submissive and love the thought of others enjoying my natural scents.
I am a squirter as well as a BBW.

I am a service submissive in an active D/s and have many fetishes I would be willing to perform while wearing your panties such as Masterbating, Fisting, Double Penetration, Wearing a Tail, and many more. If I haven’t listed something that you are interested in please feel free to message me and I’ll see what I can do for you 😉

All of my panties will come with a print out picture of me wearing them and a hand written note expressing how grateful I am that I could serve you.