Popping my Panty Cherry

These are my first pair of panties I decided to wear just for you. I worked a 12 hour shift today, scrubbed in to a clean room and thinking of how I can make these panties something you’ll love to have. Got home, had a glass of wine and striped down to nothing but these lacey thongs. Nipples hard as my hands ran down my body and fingers slipped into my pussy. Feeling that soft velvety skin, so wet already, just dripping before I even cum. So excited as my fingers tease my clit and I slide in my BOB with the other hand, making me moan with pleasure. Thinking about how much you’ll love my scent on these panties, I cum, oh…my…goodness…I cum again, totally imagining you with my panties and you feeling as good as I do right now. Feeling so completely happy and totally relaxed, I drift off to sleep in these cherry popping thongs. Sleep throughout the night with pussy juice just soaking into the panties, becoming the perfect pair just for you.💋







Caucasian (White)


41 - 45



Looking for something delicious?  Something naughty?  I have exactly what you are looking for.  My scent is exquisite and can be customized to your personal desires.  Browse some of my everyday delicates or I love getting special requests. I look forward to making your fantasies a reality.